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Ramification in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-02-16Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: branchbranchingcomplicationforkforkinglegSimilar words: ratificationgratificationedificationdeificationpurificationqualificationrectificationcertificationMeaning: [‚ræmɪfɪ'keɪʃn]  n. 1. the act of branching out or dividing into branches 2. a part of a forked or branching shape 3. a development that complicates a situation 4. an arrangement of branching parts. 
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1. Have you considered all the ramifications of your suggestion?
2. These changes are bound to have widespread social ramifications.
3. I couldn't follow all the ramifications of the plot.
4. What are the ramifications of our decision to join the union?
5. The book analyses the social and political ramifications of AIDS for the gay community.
6. If these researchers are right, the ramifications of this continental shifting may also extend beyond the oceans and solid ground.
7. He was too busy thinking of the possible ramifications of a jumpy Grand Duke imagining every bush a Nihilist bear.
8. How many of the ramifications of a particular decision ought to be explicitly taken into account by the decision-maker?
9. After eventually losing interest in the scientific ramifications of UFOs[], concerned CIA agents moved on to more sensible matters.
10. The ramifications of the wrong use of imagination have to be fully realized before we can hope to control it.
11. This ongoing evolution of the Internet has ramifications for the types of commercial activities it can offer.
12. Whole shelves in libraries are devoted to the ramifications of this beguiling game.
13. How do cure the urine ramification?
14. Trendsdevelopmentand it's ramification were introduced, and requirement of market the future was analysed and prospected.
15. Ingredients: oxygen active agent, aloe extract, vitamin C ramification, vitamin E(, sunscreen factor etc.
16. Objective To observe the effect of naftopidil ramification - BWYJ, on the platelet aggregation of rabbit.
17. Exterior activator is ramification of emulsifying agent, dust - proofing agent, hydrous lanolin.
18. The reason for this ramification lies in the clash between overwhelming social context and individuality.
19. The ramification or divarication mechanisms of filar microbe as soon as its self-control mechanism are focus of study to microbe scientists all though.
20. Few ministers have the nous or the instinct required to understand the ramifications.
21. Markowitz's two-parameter model spawned an academic industry engaged in exploring the ramifications of the investor behaviour implied in the original formulation.
22. And if it meant that Senna were to lose the championship, then the legal ramifications would be far-reaching.
23. The potential for a recession across most regions of the world will have ramifications for the prospects of expatriates in gainful employment.
24. While entry into the Kingdom has an essential personal and individual element, it also has profound and extensive community ramifications.
25. Steven Lowe, Liverpool Who would be the biological parents of a human clone, and what legal ramifications would this have?
26. A $ 1 million lawsuit, with amusing sidelights and important ramifications for the federal budget debate, must be adjudicated.
27. I demand a reply from the Minister about my request for an inquiry into the financial ramifications for Mid Glamorgan TECs.
28. Avilamycin quality have what kind of quality, the existing returns will help to alter or decorate it's molecule by the Combinatorial biosynthesis method, and produce new ramification of Avilamycin .
29. Main compositions: Pomegranate, Aloe, Sun blocking elemental complex, White lily extract, Quiet type VC ramification.
30. The research direction and main operation includes four parts: Medicine material and chiral compound, organic acid and its ramification, heterocyclic compound and customizes products.
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