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Decline in a sentence

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Synonym: descentfailfallhillrefuserejectrun downsinkslantslopeweakenAntonym: acceptSimilar words: declareclingclinicclinicalinclinationlineline upoutlineMeaning: [dɪ'klaɪn]  n. 1. change toward something smaller or lower 2. a condition inferior to an earlier condition; a gradual falling off from a better state 3. a gradual decrease; as of stored charge or current 4. a downward slope or bend. v. 1. grow worse 2. refuse to accept 3. show unwillingness towards 4. grow smaller 5. go down 6. go down in value 7. inflect for number, gender, case, etc., "in many languages, speakers decline nouns, pronouns, and adjectives". 
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1, The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation ; the two keep in their downwad tendency. 
2, The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation ; the two keep in their downward tendency. 
3, They wish that prices would decline.
4, The birthrate is on the decline.
5, His father is on the decline.
6, The town fell into decline after the mine closed.
7, Fish stocks in the Baltic are in decline.
8, The company reported a small decline in its profits.
9, The government has failed to reverse the economic decline.
10, My initial reaction was to decline the offer.
11, The cloth trade went into gradual decline.
12, To decline to vote is a cop-out.
13, Industry in Britain has been in decline since the 1970s.
14, The new manager hoped to reverse the decline in the company's fortunes.
15, There has been a sharp decline in profits this year.
16, Notwithstanding a steady decline in numbers, the school has had a very successful year.
17, An increase in cars has resulted in the decline of public transport.
18, There has been a decline in the size of families.
19, The figures represent a general decline in employment.
20, After his wife's death,[] he fell into a decline.
21, The government has failed to halt economic decline.
22, I must sadly decline your generous invitation.
23, The industry has slid into decline.
24, We must halt this decline in health services.
25, Is inflation symptomatic of economic decline?
26, The closure of the mine was the single most important factor in the town's decline.
27, The article claims that an increase in crime indicates a decline in moral standards.
28, Unemployment rose and the city went into a spiral of decline.
29, The climate of political confusion has only reinforced the country's economic decline.
30, The number of car accident deaths is continuing to decline.
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