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Typically in a sentence

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Similar words: typicaltropicalbasicallyphysicallyironicallypracticallypoliticallyhistoricallyMeaning: [ˈtɪpɪkəlɪ]  adv. in a typical manner. 
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1. It was a typically robust performance by the Foreign Secretary.
2. It typically takes a day or two, depending on size.
3. High-flyers in the industry typically earn 25% more than their colleagues.
4. In chess there are typically about 36 legal moves from any given board position.
5. For skilled occupations the supply of labour is typically fairly inelastic, because few workers are capable of doing the work.
6. Inventions typically involve minor improvements in technology.
7. Typically, he didn't even bother to tell anyone he was going.
8. The hospital provides typically awful institutional food.
9. This was a typically ungenerous response.
10. The factory typically produces 500 chairs a week.
11. The climate here is typically continental.
12. Henin gave a typically gritty performance, coming back from 4-0 down.
13. The captain was typically self-effacing when questioned about the team's successes, giving credit to the other players.
14. He had an actor's typically malleable features.
15. Typically, she couldn't find her keys.
16. I typically get around 30 emails a day.
17. Tickets for such events will typically cost around thirty dollars.
18. Mature apple trees are typically 20 feet tall.
18. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
19. The disease typically manifested itself in a high fever and chest pains.
20. Hunting was a typically masculine occupation.
21. Awareness of class is a typically British trait.
22. Typically, the Norwegians were on the mountain two hours before anyone else.
23. Paul, in typically rude fashion, told him he was talking rubbish.
24. The ambassador was typically noncommittal when asked whether further sanctions would be introduced.
25. Matisse's palette typically consists of bright blues, greens and oranges.
26. He struck an attitude of defiance with a typically hard-hitting speech.
27. He argues that family problems are typically a comment on some unresolved issues in the family.
28. The painting shows a typically bucolic scene with peasants harvesting crops in a field.
29. Women in developing countries typically have their first child when they are very young.
30. I always couple Hemingway and Steinbeck together as being typically American writers.
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