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Purification in a sentence

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Sentence count:198Posted:2017-02-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: purgationrefinementrefiningSimilar words: clarificationesterificationratificationgratificationspecificationjustificationcertificationqualificationMeaning: [‚pjʊrɪfɪ'keɪʃn /‚pjʊə-]  n. 1. the act of cleaning by getting rid of impurities 2. the process of removing impurities (as from oil or metals or sugar etc.) 3. a ceremonial cleansing from defilement or uncleanness by the performance of appropriate rites 4. the act of purging of sin or guilt; moral or spiritual cleansing. 
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1. The water goes through three stages of purification.
2. Following its purification it has been possible to study the biological properties of platelet-derived growth factor.
3. The ideal candidate will have experience of protein purification and gene cloning and should have an appreciation of plant defence mechanisms.
4. The selection of the method of purification of the wastes therefore has considerable influence on the plant costs.
5. Other methods of genetic purification can homogenize a DNA sequence.
6. Forth River Purification Board reacted positively yesterday to the reconsideration of the regional role.
7. Finally, we recommend Protein Purification: Principles and Practice for undergraduates taking advanced protein chemistry courses.
8. Tathir, the ritual purification of the social body, requires the destruction of the first and the confinement of the second.
9. The warning came from the Solway River Purification Board, which patrols waterways in the area.
10. Water purification has become a major category of consumer interest, and new household products address that concern.
11. One such male priest conducted a ritual of purification of a church after a woman priest had celebrated Mass there.
12. They included the construction of sewage purification plants in 100 coastal cities and the establishment of at least 25 supervised toxic waste depots.
13. It was a theology of pruning and purification, and this impulse was reflected in how they understood language.
14. A water purification kit or hiker's filter system.
15. Purification: Density Gradient Centrifugation ( Sucrose & CsCl ).
16. Purification of konjac glucomannan by alcohol in this paper.
17. -- Or a polluted soul towards their purification?
18. In charge of recombinant protein conjugation and purification.
19. Through the preliminary optimization of the purification condition, we got high purity of pancreas kallikrein product.
20. Soon her mouth would be opened by the lector-priest and her purification ministered by the Sem-priest.
21. He came back with it brimming, and dropped some purification tablets into it.
22. For today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directive.
23. He served for many years as examiner for the London water supply and held strong views on sewage purification.
24. These studies show that mucosal metabolism can be assessed effectively using biopsy specimens without the need for epithelial cell purification.
25. The low-level(Sentencedict), continuous exposure arising from aluminium sulphate in water purification is very worrying.
26. When he was a young man, Jim thought of Lent as a season of contrition, spiritual discipline and personal purification.
27. For the entire month, families abstain from eating and drinking during daylight hours in an act of sacrifice and purification.
28. Since competitive cat shows began, there has been a third selection pressure operating on feline coat colours - that of purification.
29. Silicone lubricant enhances recovery of nucleic acids after phenol-chloroform extraction Phenol-chloroform extraction is a major step in the purification of nucleic acids.
30. The paper introduced the techniques of pilot-scale production and effects of purification of Meretrix meretrix, Ruditapes philippinarum and Sinonovacula constricta in UV disinfected seawater.
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