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Narrow in a sentence

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Synonym: closeconfinedcrampedlimitedmeagerrestrictedslendertightAntonym: broadSimilar words: harrowcarrotnarrativearroganceseminarhorrorterrorscenarioMeaning: ['nærəʊ] n. a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water. v. 1. make or become more narrow or restricted 2. define clearly 3. become more special 4. become tight or as if tight. adj. 1. not wide 2. limited in size or scope 3. lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view 4. very limited in degree 5. characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination. 
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1 We had to force the pipe down a narrow hole to get it through.
2 A narrow passage led directly through the house into the garden.
3 They rode along narrow country lanes.
4 The narrow street reverberated with/to the sound of the workmen's drills.
5 A narrow track wound steeply up through dense forest.
6 What's happened is that the new results narrow down the possibilities.
7 The fabric is only available in a narrow width.
8 The decision was taken for narrow economic reasons, without considering its social effects.
9 The road finished in a narrow path.
10 Teachers feel that the present curriculum is too narrow.
11 The path is too narrow for two people to walk together.
12 The oil terminal is in the narrow strait that separates the island from the mainland.
13 They drove down a narrow track that branched off from the main road.
14 The tug eased into the narrow docking space.
15 This door is narrow in proportion to its height.
16 The path was so narrow that it hardly admitted of two persons walking abreast.
17 His shoulders were broad and his waist narrow.
18 The pass gets quite narrow towards the east.
19 His specialization is too narrow to be of interest to more than a handful of students.
20 Narrow corridors lead off from the main hallway.
21 The steep pavement was too narrow for them to walk abreast.
22 We crept carefully along the narrow ledge.
23 A dark narrow passage led to the main hall.
24 Ferries ply across a narrow strait to the island.
25 The road was too narrow for cars to pass.
26 He wedged himself through the narrow window.
27 The street is too narrow for a truck.
28 I can't reach into the pipe — it's too narrow.
29 The north and south of the island are linked by a narrow isthmus.
30 Heat the liquid in a large, wide container rather than a high narrow one,( or it can boil over.
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