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Welcome to donate

Welcome and appreciate your donation very much, with your support, we can spend more money on so that she can make greater contributions to the society!

The following are our addresses of digital currency (Due to the high fee, paypal is not supported temporarily).

  • USDT-TRC20 (0 fee, recommended) : TEjVoDVRHag4qVAY9NsioH28aS4mmgrrGu+QR Code
  • USDT-ERC20 : 0xde3ca0e8ed58212a358e24151cb9d06c11bb91dd+QR Code
  • USDT-Omni : 1648qmFQ8AHzPvRqqXBCUZdjVVhbmqgcz8+QR Code
  • BTC (Bitcoin) : 19ftfQtPdKkHbPzbs6jR6XTbF1hjyR9V2G+QR Code
  • ETH (Ethereum) : 0xde3ca0e8ed58212a358e24151cb9d06c11bb91dd+QR Code