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Solidification in a sentence

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Sentence count:180Posted:2017-02-01Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: ratificationgratificationpurificationqualificationnullificationcertificationclarificationjustificationMeaning: [sə‚lɪdɪfɪ'keɪʃn]  n. the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization. 
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1, Otherwise, the solidification structure for different superheat was simulated.
2, The temperature field and solidification course is analyzed under the influence of process parameters such as casting temperature and casting speed and the component distribution is predicted.
3, The solidification and feeding process of steel casting - riser system is simulated with numerical dimensional temperature field.
4, The no machining directional solidification hollow turbine blades, hollow guide vans and complex structure parts used in aero engine and gas turbine made by vacuum precision investment casting.
5, By using solidification and melted slag theory, series mold powders of low alloy steel, plain carbon steel and high carbon steel, were developed and used in production successfully.
6, Results show that the supersaturated solidification Cr-content increases in the rapidly quenched alloys induced the great increase of vacancy density and production of vacancy plates.
7, The results demonstrate that solidification process may be divided into two stages: quasi-state stage and accelerating stage.
8, Based on the solidification feature of steel casting was studied and developed a computer program suitable to design of gating and risering system for steel casting.
9, The progresses of micro-modelling on casting solidification process are summarized in this paper. Deterministic model and probabilistic model for grain growth are described in detail.
10, The study development of melt superheating treatment on solidification microstructures and properties of Ni-based superalloys at home and abroad was introduced.
11, A solidification simulation software for pressure die casting processes has been developed.
12, The calculational efficiency of solidification simulations in sand castings was improved using the "transient mold area" concept which is a function of solidification properties.
13, The mathematical model for solidification process simulation in sand metal mold was established.
14, The solidification modes of liquid phase of semi-solid AZ91D Mg alloy were in close relationship with the degree of supercooling determined by cooling rate.
15, To test solidification characteristics of various casting alloy accurately is very significant for optimizing casting technique and getting castings with sound property and appropriate dimensions.
16, With directional solidification liquid quenching and definite quantity analysis of metallographic,( this paper studied the micro solidification characteristic of ZA28.4 alloy.
17, Electromagnetic shaping and directional solidification is a new materials preparation technology combined with technologies of electromagnetic and directional solidification.
18, The self-compensated contraction caused by graphite dilatation in the solidification process of nodular cast iron makes casting with less flow-off or casting without flow-off possible.
19, This article prepares some Zn Al ( ZA 20 ) powders with the method of ultrasonic atomizing quick solidification.
20, Methods: Oriented cartilage extracellular matrix-derived scaffolds were fabricated with freeze-dried method using unidirectional solidification as a freezing process.
21, The structure of pastilles was more compact and the pastille purification rate was slower at lower solidification temperature, however the yield of pastilles was higher.
22, In this paper, the changes in structure and solute distribution during unidirectional solidification with electromagnetic stirring were investigated.
23, And it is discovered that the liquidus temperature hardly has effects on the solidification rate of alloy if solidus temperature is fixed.
24, An YBCO sample with high critical current density or single crystal stracture(, can be obtained by the directional solidification method.
25, The compounding is made of ethoxyline resin chemicals and solidification inhibitor.
26, With the development of numerical technique and computer technology, the numerical modeling of the solidification process is changing from macro to micro modeling.
27, A generalized program based on finite difference method is proposed for simulating the solidification front of large castings.
28, The results indicate that the casting defects are mainly shrinkage porosity and cracks caused by solidification shrink, which mainly presents in the hot spot between the spoke and the rim.
29, The results show that main cause of conchoidal fracture forming is that composition segregation in solidification grain boundary of casting steel reduces the resistance of crack propagation.
30, When curing temperature was preferred to be 260 and the percentage of solidification agent was 3 %.
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