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Desertification in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2017-01-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: certificationratificationgratificationjustificationquantificationidentificationclarificationnullificationMeaning: n. the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert; is usually caused by climate change or by destructive use of the land. 
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1. A third of Africa is under threat of desertification.
2. If desertification continues to spread, the dust bowl will not only undermine the economy but also trigger a huge migration eastward.
3. Farming is leading to the desertification of large areas of the planet.
4. Achievements have been made in desertification prevention and control.
5. Desertification is the serious environmental and social economy problems.
6. The happening of regional desertification system is stochastic, complicated and multicomponent.
7. This paper analyzes desertification problem of heilongjiang province and states fathering countermeasure.
8. The desertification of land by the current world - wide attention.
9. Land desertification is the main ecological problem of northwest inland basin.
10. New situation of Chinese desertification demands transformat ion of the Three-North Forest Shelterbelt Program, which should solve the conf li ctions firstly.
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11. We are seeing more frequent floods, increased drought, desertification and water scarcity.
12. Desertification and rising aridity were the ultimate cause of the food price crisis of 2007-8, Gnacadja said, as it began with a drought in Australia.
13. Booming cattle breeding is a major cause of desertification in grassland.
14. Desertification of various degrees have been happening source region of Yangtze River.
15. There must be intrinsic mechanism of land desertification behind these activities.
16. Besides desertification and grassland shrinkage, the region's lakes and wetlands are also drying up, experts say.
17. Desert and desertification carry different meanings . The former has come into existence through geological ages.
18. In many instances this is too late to obviate desertification and soil erosion.
19. There is considerable dissension in the literature as to what precisely constitutes desertification.
20. There may be, too, a sottovoce challenge to the received wisdom that it is people who cause desertification.
21. Thus we do not intend to provide evidence here of frightening rates of soil loss and desertification throughout the world.
22. One of the first environmental hazards to be studied was that of desertification.
23. Essentially , soil erosion is the key causing rocky desertification.
24. In 1998, a group of archaeologists in force to do the difficulties and obstacles Rob desertification.
25. In 1998, a group of archaeologists arrived in force to do the difficulties and obstacles Rob desertification.
26. Planting out the approved Australian desert reversal, C4 photosynthesis pathway Bin Li Atriplex nummularia reverses sandification desertification and makes soil and soil carbon.
27. Based on the investigation and sampling analysis, the results showed that the tendency of petrification and desertification in soil surface layer was remarkable in Hainan's pineapple orchards.
28. The Tamarix community is the last line to prevent desertification development in the area; we should pay more attention to it and protect the community.
29. According to this hierarchy system, the distribution law of farmland desertification in Zhangwu County was studied primarily.
30. The results show that ( 1 ) the annual increment rate of desertification in Yanchi in past 40 years was 4.03% .
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