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Esterification in a sentence

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Sentence count:159Posted:2016-08-05Updated:2020-07-24
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1. The esterification mechanism of unsaturated carboxylic acid was analyzed.
2. The esterification of xylitol and oleic acid was studied.
3. Both the free hydroxyl groups readily undergo esterification.
4. The phytosterol esters (PE) are the esterification products of phytosterols, its lowering cholesterol effect is better than the later.
5. Esterification reaction of ricinoleic acid with normal butanol was studied using NaHSO 4· H 2 O as catalyst.
6. is obtained by esterification of 6,7 - dihydroxyl - 3,3 - diphenyl - 3 H - benzofuran - 2 - ketone employing 2 - diazo - 1 - naphthoquinone - 5 - ...
7. The catalyst could also be used to catalyze esterification of acetic acid and hexoic acid with iso...
8. Stannic Chloride can be used as catalyst for esterification instead of sulphuric acid.
9. Iso - army gallate was synthesized by esterification of gallic acid with iso - army alcohol catalyzed by 4 - methylbenzene - sulfone acid.
10. Nipagin esters were synthesized by the esterification of dodecyl and octadecyl alcohol with p -hydroxybenzoic acid in the presence of vitamin C.
11. Fluorescent whitening agent ER was synthesized by the esterification reaction of phosphorous ether with o cyanobenzyl chloride dissolved in benzene.
12. The esterification reaction of propionic acid with n-pentanol was studied by using novel aluminophosphate and silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves as catalysts.
13. In toluene solution, the esterification reaction of 3,5,6-trichlorosalicylic acid and n-pentanol took place with nano catalyst, and then the 3,5,(Sentence dictionary)6-trichlorosalicylic ester was produced.
14. Abstract: A method of simultaneously determination of reactant and product for esterification of L - phenylalanine was described.
15. Firstly, indoline - 3 - acetamide ( 9) was prepared from indole - 3 - acetic acid by catalytic hydrogenation, esterification and aminolysis.
16. Experiment results indicated that HZ-type solid acids were ideal catalysts for direct esterification of straight chain carboxylic acids and primary alcohols.
17. The acid catalytic process is another way to produce bio-diesel, which has the advantage of fast reaction rate and high conversion ratio for the esterification of methyl group in free fatty acid.
18. DOF was prepared by using anhydrous cupric sulfate as an esterification catalyst of fumaric acid with isooctyl alcohol.
19. Isopropenyl acetate was synthesized from ketene and acetone by direct esterification using strong acidic cation-exchange resin to substitute H2SO4 as catalyst.
20. Under the influence of heat, the maleate structure formed in the esterification tends to isomerize into fumarate.
21. Rhizopus chinensis whole-cell lipases of different culture time were used to catalyze synthesis of ethyl hexanoate and whole-cell lipase with high synthetic activity catalyzed esterification quickly.
22. Rhizopus chinensis lipase ( RCL ) has a good potential in industrial application, with high esterification conversion.
23. Benzocaine is synthesized from p-aminotoluene by microscale chemical experiment. The experiment process includes acylation, oxidation, hydrolyzation and esterification etc.
24. A new method of gas chromatographic analyses in the production of chloroacetic acid for process control using diazomethane as esterification agent is studied.
25. A method of simultaneously determination of reactant and product for esterification of L - phenylalanine was described.
26. This paper reports the study on the sulfonated polystyrene resin used in esterification, transesterification, synthesis of acetals or ketals[], synthesis of ether and rearrangement reaction of pinacol.
27. A new ester guerbet alcohol acetate is synthesized by using acetic acid and guerbet alcohol 2 octyl dodecyl alcohol in presence of catalyst phospho tungstic acid. The esterification ratio is 92.0 %.
28. This article makes a new Survey on the research of esterification with solid acid catalyst.
29. The rate of hydrolysis is for the most part significantly lower than the esterification rate.
30. The properties, aroma characteristics and application of methyl-furoate were discussed. Methyl-furoate was synthesized by Cannizzaro reaction and esterification.
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