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Marker in a sentence

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Sentence count:184+5Posted:2016-07-22Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: marketsupermarketmarketingmarketplaceworkermarkmark outmark offMeaning: ['mɑrkər /'mɑːkə]  n. 1. some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something 2. a distinguishing symbol 3. a writing implement for making a mark. 
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31. Dalglish switched his sights to Marker after failing in a £2.5million bid for Craig Short.
32. There is at present no reliable marker to determine whether autoimmunity or hepatitis C virus infection is the major disease process.
33. Transit times were determined using a multiple dose marker technique.
34. Once you have established where the cannon ball hits place a small coin or other marker directly over the spot.
35. Immunocytochemistry can then be used as a marker of p53 mutation, although DNA sequencing remains the gold standard.
36. He drew some pictures for me, holding the marker awkwardly.
37. Long, incriminating passages in the document were highlighted with a yellow marker.
38. Research is currently in progress to detect an accurate genetic marker for the disease.
39. A more significant objection has been the charge that leys involve marker sites that vary tremendously in age.
40. Marker, 27, can play in defence or midfield and has a hard-man reputation.
41. The use of immunohistochemical staining as a marker of point mutation has been critically reviewed by Wyndord-Thomas.
42. It was Beckham's marker, however, who scored the winning goal.
43. In normal subjects in the fasted state segmenting pressure activity is low and little transit of marker is seen.
44. And when squirted into the windpipes of mice, the viruses infected the animals' lungs and delivered the marker genes.
45. Many studies suggest that sludge formation is a marker of gall stone formation.
46. Works in marker pen can be reproduced on colour photocopiers or by printing and need not be displayed themselves.
47. These synthetic strands contain special marker sequences that indicate the start and end of the message.
48. Some form of marker on the ground is a great help here.
49. Stevie went to lift his ball and put a marker down.
50. Others use a fine marker to write the new letters in an open space on the top of the key.
51. The mailbox was one of the usual silvery aluminum boxes, with the numbers written neatly in Magic Marker, 22219.
52. Two marker posts with winking lights had appeared on the horizon, and the bus was steering between them.
53. Hughes, with sandy hair half way down his back, grabs a marker and scribbles the agenda on a whiteboard.
54. Carry on to Seacombe Cliff and turn up Seacombe Bottom until you see a stone marker on the left.
55. At mile marker 142,( turn left on to Coleman Road.
56. The note is written in Magic Marker and thumb-tacked to her apartment door.
57. Some clinicians and microbiologists continue to believe that P cepacia is a marker for, rather than the cause of, pulmonary deterioration.
58. Therefore we suggest that platelet activating factor should be considered as a global mucosal activity marker.
59. In the whole panoply of anti-poverty policies the minimum wage stands as the vital back marker.
60. The book narrates the entire trans-peninsular highway by kilometer marker.
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