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Historically in a sentence

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Similar words: historicalhistorichistorianrhetorichistoryelectricalbasicallytypicallyMeaning: [hɪˈstɒrɪkli]  adv. 1. throughout history 2. with respect to history. 
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(1) It was good drama, but historically inaccurate.
(2) Historically, royal marriages have been cold, calculating affairs.
(3) Historically there was no letter " l " in the word " could " ; it was inserted by analogy with " would ".
(4) In Britain, the defence of the country has historically been left to the navy.
(5) Historically speaking, the island is of great interest.
(6) How historically significant is this discovery?
(7) The film makes no attempt to be historically accurate.
(8) Historically, issues of this kind have not occupied the foreground of political debate.
(9) Historically and culturally, Britain has always been linked to the continent.
(10) Historically, sport has been a cohesive force in international relations.
(11) Historically, there has always been a great deal of rivalry between the two families.
(12) Yet all these caricatures are historically misplaced.
(13) The book is historically inaccurate.
(14) Authoritarianism is historically inimical to genuine invention.
(15) Historically, the single parent has been the norm in no society, but patriarchal linear life is now economically over.
(16) Historically, clinical evidence has been the greatest source of research into differences between the hemispheres.
(17) Even electricity demand, which has historically grown faster than total energy demand(, decreases in two of the five scenarios.
(18) Also, historically, attendance demonstrates its most significant improvement in the year after a successful season.
(19) Historically, however, such facts are now in question; hence, the moral orders, too, that they support.
(20) Private investments historically have paid far higher rates of return than Social Security.
(21) Historically, he said, entrepreneurship was the Cinderella of business studies, wrongly confused with the management of small businesses.
(22) The Roman law system is historically the most important and influential of all the historic legal systems.
(23) Historically change has been limited in extent since traditional lore and experience play a greater part in extensive systems.
(24) The city has been content historically to stand on its natural attractions to draw business.
(25) Historically, there have been waves of frustration and resentment against rational and scientific thought.
(26) Democrats were reluctant to take on a president whose popularity ratings were historically high.
(27) Vartian says he wants the museum to be as emotionally powerful and historically accurate as Washington's U.S.
(28) There are many instances of necessary unproductive consumption, both in the absolute and historically determined sense.
(29) In absolute levels, we have fallen off only from the historically high 1980 figures.
(30) I would then return to a classroom where a historically rich conversation was in progress.
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