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Counterpart in a sentence

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Sentence count:199Posted:2016-07-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: opposite numbersimilitudetwinvis-a-visSimilar words: countercountrycountyaccountcount outcount oninterpretenterpriseMeaning: [ˈkaʊntəpɑːt]  n. 1. a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another 2. a duplicate copy. 
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1. Night is the counterpart of day.
2. The sales directress phoned her counterpart in the other firm.
3. The Foreign Secretary telephoned his Italian counterpart to protest.
4. The Foreign Minister held talks with his Chinese counterpart.
5. The women's shoe, like its male counterpart, is specifically designed for the serious tennis player.
6. The Secretary of State and his Russian counterpart met to try to nail down the elusive accord.
7. His counterpart, Mr Eagleburger, is a smoker.
8. Its western counterpart apparently remained open, being used at one stage for spelt cultivation.
9. It was the urban counterpart to the landscapes represented by some of the Barbizon painters.
10. And Ceballos' counterpart on the Rockets, Robert Horry, was also sidelined, nursing a sore knee.
11. The counterpart to discrimination against women in society is sexism in sociology.
12. There was assumed to be a counterpart in human events to every celestial phenomenon.
13. Her working-class male counterpart is not usually ridiculed or disapproved of in this way(, as some one whose language is inappropriate.
14. Ask his London counterpart about private cash and she talks, without irony, of the proceeds from donation boxes.
15. If there is an inconsistency between lease and counterpart primafacie the lease prevails.
16. Their preserved counterpart, the sun-dried cherry, is a fairly recent gourmet discovery, however.
17. Dry California gewurztraminer, unlike its Alsace counterpart, is almost always best in its first year.
18. There is no counterpart to the health and safety legislation of waged employment.
19. That society was then regarded in London and Moscow as the association's proper Soviet counterpart.
20. In general, the provincial circuit is a far tougher cookie than its metropolitan counterpart.
21. Once again I could not understand why some of my older colleagues felt so comfortable with our so-called counterpart.sentencedict .com
22. Hedonic value is more subjective and personal than its utilitarian counterpart and results from fun and playfulness rather than from task completion.
23. The concrete operational child lacks the range, power, and depth of reasoning of his or her more developed counterpart.
24. A legal duty should in civil law be the counterpart of a legal right.
25. Thus correction involves substituting the correct spelling of the intended word for its misspelled counterpart, but controlled by the user.
26. It is said to be a luminous and dynamic nature capable of independent existence apart from its physical counterpart.
27. A total of nine elements were seen in the slab and its counterpart and some more have been exposed by careful excavation.
28. The Glasgow underground railway system like the London underground counterpart has some very strange and totally unexplained events.
29. Not so: the recruit of today is generally better educated and more enquiring than his counterpart of previous decades.
30. These will be electronically controlled, a technical task far harder on a diesel engine than on its petrol counterpart.
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