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Vertical in a sentence

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Sentence count:278+11 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: erectperpendicularstandinguprightAntonym: horizontalSimilar words: advertisingcriticaladvertisementpoliticalpracticalidenticalpracticallypoliticallyMeaning: ['vɜrtɪkl /'vɜːt-]  n. 1. something that is oriented vertically 2. a vertical structural member as a post or stake. adj. 1. at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line 2. relating to or involving all stages of a business from production to distribution 3. upright in position or posture 4. of or relating to different levels in a hierarchy (as levels of social class or income group). 
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1. Formal communication channels are usually vertical.
2. The gadget can be attached to any vertical surface.
3. The board consists of vertical and horizontal lines.
4. The gadget can be attached to any vertical or near vertical surface.
5. Walls are usually vertical.
6. He climbed the vertical cliff.
7. There was a vertical drop to the ocean.
8. This illustration shows a vertical section through the locust.
9. The northern side of the mountain is almost vertical.
10. The vertical line meets the horizontal one here.
11. The cliff was almost vertical.
12. Plot distance on the vertical Y-axis against time on the horizontal X-axis.
13. This vertical section of the soil shows four basic soil layers.
14. Rotate it slowly from the horizontal into a vertical position.
15. For some buildings a vertical section is more informative than a plan.
16. The vertical line makes an angle with the horizontal line.
17. On a map there are horizontal lines and vertical lines.
18. Vertical competition,( the struggle between heterogeneous enterprises. 3.
19. Vertical integration has caused a crop of disasters.
20. Too often, vertical integration brought with it standardization.
21. A new meaning for vertical integration.
22. Carefully tighten the clamp until it firmly supports the pipette in a vertical position.
23. The real wage is measured along the horizontal axis and the quantity of labour is measured along the vertical axis.
24. She looked over the cliff and found she was standing at the edge of a vertical drop.
25. Pluto seems to have suffered a major collision that tipped it 122 degrees from the vertical.
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26. In a two-stage operation, the multi-spoked steel structure will be raised to the vertical.
27. The tower now leans about 15 degrees from the vertical.
28. In tin mining today, workers excavate tunnels horizontally from a vertical shaft.
29. Sales targets are indicated on the graph by a vertical dotted line.
30. The workers go down to the tunnels through a vertical shaft sunk from the top of the cliff.
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