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Sequential in a sentence

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Sentence count:237Posted:2016-11-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: consecutivesequentserialsuccessiveSimilar words: consequentialinfluentialsubsequentsubsequentlyconsequentlypotentialessentialpotentiallyMeaning: [sɪ'kwenʃl]  adj. in regular succession without gaps. 
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1. This sequential pattern is consistent with a parallel structure.
2. Sequential sulphate and chloride profiles behave similarly.
3. The project must have attributes which allow sequential processing.
4. The separation into sequential categories of response is merely a means to an end.
5. Fig. 5.7 Index sequential files - overflow block Random access offers another way of organising data on disk for quick access.
6. The sequential steps in developing quality assurance criteria are summarized in Figure 7-3.
7. Compared with sequential use of single drugs, which is current policy, combinations will thus impede the development of resistance substantially.
8. The sequential processing requires special measures in order to integrate the activities involved.
9. The former will tend to require an indexed sequential file on a direct access device.
10. The adoption of a sequential approach to assessing the development potential of sites and the redevelopment potential of existing buildings.
11. Laughing and smiling, unlike other sequential face movements(, are more readily disturbed from the right brain than the left.
12. A sequential data file that is indexed is called an indexed sequential file.
13. As we are examining the case of sequential retrieval before additions, the items given above do not include overflow retrieval.
14. Thus index sequential files, even when processed by key, do not eliminate sequential processing, but limit it to one block.
15. The sequential maturation of the intellectual and social aspects fosters a sense of assurance in the child and acceptance by others.
16. Voxan's V-twin uses a Magneti Marelli sequential fuel injection system, similar to that used on the 996.
17. The publishers claim that the book constitutes 'the first sequential exposition of events and thus of the history of the revolution'.
18. This is one reason to choose a fairly short key for indexed sequential use.
19. However, there is more housekeeping activity in handling an indexed sequential file than the corresponding sequentially organized file.
20. Life on this turbulent, complex planet is no longer linear and sequential, one thing logically leading to another.
21. Although it may seem strange to simulate a parallel process on a sequential machine, there have been many benefits.
22. A second technique that greatly improves the speed of searching a sequential file is to use a logarithmic search.
23. This was because these systems employ passive memory inspected by a sequential central processor.
24. Even with many processors working in parallel, much time is wasted waiting for sequential operations to complete.
25. By this, presumably, was meant the isolation of single figures in sequential positions like a Muybridge series in three dimensions.
26. This might be a fixed length pipeline, or even a single sequential processor.
27. The file designer will find it worthwhile to examine every direct processing application of an indexed sequential file critically.
28. The systematic study of this dependence has recently been made feasible by the development of the theory of sequential games.
29. This latter case will favour the use of a sequential magnetic tape file.
30. You should strive for a clear set of steps in a sequential arrangement.
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