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Tenderly in a sentence

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Sentence count:61+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-01Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: underlyingtenderelderlyunderliewanderlustgendersenderrenderMeaning: adv. with tenderness; in a tender manner. 
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1. He who handles a nettle tenderly is soonest stung. 
2. He embraced his daughter tenderly.
3. She laid the child tenderly on the bed.
4. She cradled him tenderly in her arms.
5. He drew the girl tenderly towards him.
6. Mr. White tenderly embraced his wife.
7. She tidied her hair and looked at him tenderly.
8. He reached out and stroked her cheek tenderly.
9. The old lady tenderly cherished her dog.
10. He treated his automobiles almost as tenderly as he did his wife.
11. She embraced her son tenderly when he came home after ten years' absence.
12. Grandma cozied Alice tenderly.
13. Maria's tenderly passionate mouth tightened.
14. Tenderly she laid it on the bed.
15. He treated the piglet tenderly, played games with it, and spoke to it as if to a child.
16. He tenderly can deflower a virgin, endlessly pursue a stunning model and still have time for a few other dalliances.
17. She puts her arms gingerly and tenderly round an inscrutable black trunk.
18. Her somnolent black eyes and tenderly pursed pink lips intrude upon the eggshell delicacy of her face with the most delicate affection.
19. She held me tenderly and stroked my hair, and said nothing until I was calm again.
20. He touched her face very tenderly and believed he felt warm flesh.
21. The apparently aggressive Musa, tenderly tries to keep him conscious until the ambulance arrives.
22. He treated his automobiles almost as tenderly as he did his wife and three daughters.
23. His mouth caressed hers, sensuously, tenderly, trying to soothe her confusion.
24. Tenderly he wiped its mouth and nostrils and eyes as it coughed into life, vomiting saline nutrient over his hands.
25. He turned his body sideways, tenderly, to protect his eyes.
26. The green little grasses now tenderly wave O'er the green little chemist's green little grave.
27. She rubbed her belly and touched her face tenderly, smearing the blood and pressing the shallow bite wound.
28. When he stopped, he began to feel tenderly among the long grass.
29. She was holding the cat in her arms and petting it tenderly.
30. He lifted the curtain to his lips, kissed it tenderly, and then turned to his audience.
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