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Deferential in a sentence

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Sentence count:33+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: deferentregardfulSimilar words: preferentialdifferentiatedeferencereferencepreferencedifferentessentialpotentialMeaning: adj. showing deference. 
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1) They like five-star hotels and deferential treatment.
2) She is always extremely deferential to/towards anyone in authority.
3) Most professionals were a deferential, biddable lot.
4) It is Carney, though, deferential but persistent, who does most of the questioning.
5) Members of the public are less deferential, better informed, and more litigious than they used to be.
6) At thirty-five, Wang was slight of frame, deferential in conversation.
7) Each time he begins with a deferential tone, she disconnects the call and makes him start again.
8) All the waiters were suave and deferential, but her waiter had an edge.
9) Richard, of course, never deferential, never awed, totally fearless, just played the other way flat out!
10) Until she won their trust their manners were deferential, identical to the old-fashioned manners of her own youth.
11) He is deferential to his superiors.
12) She is always extremely deferential to anyone in authority.
13) And that a few deferential protestations would take the edge from her displeasure.
14) He was very deferential. He was not trying to insinuate himself.
15) I am deferential and respectful in the presence of artists.
16) Surrounded by deferential students and learned colleagues,[] Smith felt very proud.
17) Closer to home is the deferential treatment shown to human bodies in medical schools.
18) There was something deferential, even slightly servile, in Langdon's tone, as if he feared that Washington might renege on his promise and refuse to take the job.
19) For a number of years after he ascended the throne he remained highly deferential to gentry concerns.
20) Our house was immaculate, and Mother taught us to be polite and deferential to visitors.
21) There is also an exaggerated demarcation of social distance between ranks, and deferential behavior by subordinate ranks toward superiors.
22) There was his clique of sycophantic friends, many of them middle-aged, who were too fawning and deferential.
23) For all her aristocratic breeding, this innocent young kindergarten teacher felt totally at sea in the deferential hierarchy of Buckingham Palace.
24) And I felt resentful contempt of my own, for Sebastian and his deferential barber.
25) The child grows up with intimate forms of speech, but requires the deferential forms in later contact with the world.
26) The salient causal processes in the creation of this deferential coalfield culture are the subject of considerable debate.
27) The major wheezed his farewells and Stephen found himself the possessor of a shiny belt, new boots and a deferential batman.
28) Not be previous that person insults king, is that person deferential to king later?
29) According to movement of piston in hydraulic rock drill, the deferential equation on piston was set up and its kinematic parameters' formula was deduced.
30) Fei Little Beard , his eyes still on the floor , replied with a string of deferential yeses.
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