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Differentiate in a sentence

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Sentence count:197+10 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-09-08Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: distinguishmarksecernsecernateseparateseveraliseseveralizespecialisespecializespeciatetelltell apartSimilar words: differentdifferencemake a differencedifferdiffer fromdiffidentreferenceconferenceMeaning: [‚dɪfə'renʃɪeɪt]  v. 1. mark as different 2. be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense 3. calculate a derivative; take the derivative 4. become different during development 5. evolve so as to lead to a new species or develop in a way most suited to the environment 6. become distinct and acquire a different character. 
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1. It's important to differentiate between fact and opinion.
2. You can differentiate between the houses by the shape of their chimneys.
3. A child may not differentiate between his imagination and the real world.
4. Can you differentiate between the two varieties?
5. We do not differentiate between our workers on the basis of their background or ethnic origin.
6. We must differentiate between right and wrong.
7. He never learned to differentiate between good and evil.
8. It's difficult to differentiate between the two varieties.
9. I've learned to differentiate a French wine from a Chinese wine.
10. She can differentiate this kind of rose from the others.
11. I learned to differentiate between French and German wines.
12. He cannot differentiate the two flowers.
13. Can you differentiate one variety from the other?
14. It is not always possible to differentiate between the two diseases.
15. At this age your baby cannot differentiate one person from another.
16. This genus of plants differentiate into many species.
17. He couldn't differentiate between the enemy and ourselves.
18. It is wrong to differentiate between people according to their family background.
19. I can't differentiate one variety from another.
20. It's sometimes hard to differentiate one sample from another.
21. It's wrong to differentiate between boys and girls.
22. Its unusual nesting habits differentiate this bird from others.
23. This company does not differentiate between men and women--they employ and pay both equally.
24. The chrome trim and tinted glass differentiate the luxury model from the standard.
24. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
25. He was unable to differentiate even between the circle and the ellipse.
26. Try to differentiate between heart and mind, between behaviour and attitude, between thoughts and emotions.
27. All societies differentiate and, to a greater or lesser extent, allocate unequal rewards on the basis of age.
28. Do English as spoken in the UK and English as spoken in the USA differentiate more as the years pass?
29. In the children with colonic contractions, fasting motility did not differentiate children with and without constipation.
30. Part of the Management course was teaching us how to differentiate essential tasks from less important ones.
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