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Wither in a sentence

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Sentence count:80Posted:2017-02-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: deterioratedroopdry upfadelanguishpineshrinkshrivelwanewiltSimilar words: withgo withdo withwithoutwithindown withtalk withdo withoutMeaning: ['wɪðə(r)]  v. 1. wither, as with a loss of moisture 2. lose freshness, vigor, or vitality. 
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1. The flowers will wither if you don't put them in water.
2. Industries unable to modernise have been left to wither.
3. Failing some rain soon,the crops will wither.
4. To see my body literally wither away before my eyes was exasperating.
5. Even Marx intended that the state should wither away.
6. Would the hydra eventually wither away spontaneously?
7. The department itself would wither on the vine.
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8. It is unforgivable to leave it to wither on the vine.
9. Programmes would wither away if they did not command sufficient local support.
10. Age does not wither us: it accentuates our main characteristics.
11. Words to express her feelings seemed to wither and die inside her.
12. Constructive conflict energizes relationships; they might wither and die if we were ever able to eliminate conflict.
13. Allowing home and social lives to wither means that there are no other sources of support when work fails.
14. He is just letting it wither there.
15. There was some debate as to whether the benefit scheme should be withdrawn or simply allowed to wither on the vine.
16. This country is in danger of allowing its industrial base to wither away.
17. The fine talk in the sessions about love and understanding, give and take, began to wither on the vine.
18. Even with the rise of the Internet, few expert observers expect newspapers to wither away.
19. For modern Realists the state was not about to wither away and deprive their theory of its foundations.
20. Women with pouted lips and dark glasses walk with them glued to their ears wither on or not.
21. Large-scale,( publicly-owned enterprises will breathe their last gasp and wither away well before the state which spawned them.
22. At Green Animals, severe cold has been known to make a privet nose wither.
23. And if that man is married and a Catholic, his political career will wither and die.
24. If the rest of the sustaining biosphere were absent, gardens would wither.
25. It would never survive, of course; the slightest hint of a late frost and it would wither and drop.
26. Moreover, when a business pulls up stakes or downsizes, an entire program can wither overnight.
27. This was his St Martin's summer, an autumnal madness, nothing that the first cold of winter couldn't wither.
28. They uprooted them, as Marshall had uprooted the cannabis, and watched them wither.
29. As a stake in society comes in at a higher cost, the old certainties begin to wither.
30. Under the experimental onslaught being marshalled, most expect the 17 keV neutrino to wither and die.
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