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Restrain in a sentence

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Sentence count:266+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-31Updated:2017-01-31
Synonym: arrestcheckconfinecontrolcurbhold backimpedeinhibitkeep downlimitrestrictretardsmotherstiflesuppressAntonym: impelSimilar words: unrestrainedstrainstrainedconstrainconstraintextraterrestrialtrainby trainMeaning: [rɪ'streɪn]  v. 1. keep under control; keep in check 2. place limits on (extent or access) 3. to close within bounds, limit or hold back from movement 4. hold back 5. to compel or deter by or as if by threats. 
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(1) The government has taken measures to restrain inflation.
(2) Wally gripped my arm, partly to restrain me and partly to reassure me.
(3) I had to restrain her from running out into the street.
(4) I had to restrain her from hitting out at passers-by.
(5) She was so angry that she could hardly restrain herself.
(6) Make haste in doing good, restrain your mind from evil. Whosoever is slow in doing well, his mind delights in evil?
(7) I had to restrain myself from telling him what I thought of him.
(8) The government is taking steps to restrain inflation.
(9) You should try to restrain your ambitions and be more realistic.
(10) If you can't restrain your dog you must lock it up.
(11) She could barely restrain herself from hitting him.
(12) We must not restrain children of their liberty.
(13) I can't restrain my anger when I hear of people being cruel to animals.
(14) Price rises should restrain consumer spending.
(15) She could not restrain a flash of pride.
(16) She was unable to restrain her desperate anger.
(17) She had to restrain herself from crying out in pain.
(18) John managed to restrain his anger.
(19) Then she could not restrain herself[](, pounced with a sharp cry on a smear under the handle of the colander.
(20) Simpson tried his best to restrain him.
(21) He can not restrain himself from touching my hair, my body, my face, no matter how public the place.
(22) Other economic interests wish to restrain public spending.
(23) It took four officers to restrain Wilson before he could be handcuffed.
(24) In an effort to restrain himself, he tried to imagine things in the worst possible light.
(25) When he started fighting, it took four police officers to restrain him.
(26) The radical 500-day plan was very clear on how it intended to try to restrain inflation.
(27) Any hopes, however, that Eisenhower would use his great prestige to restrain McCarthy were soon dashed.
(28) Now, as he regarded the principal, stripped of his power, my father could not restrain himself any longer.
(29) The Conservative leaders expressed their preference for contributory pensions but did not restrain many of their backbenchers from voting for it.
(30) Another difficulty in the Gouriet case was that the applicant sought an injunction to restrain a threatened breach of the criminal law.
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