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Tangential in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2016-09-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: digressiveSimilar words: substantialsubstantiallypotentialpotentiallyessentiallyresidentialinfluentialpresidentialMeaning: [tæn'dʒenʃl]  adj. 1. of superficial relevance if any 2. of or relating to or acting along or in the direction of a tangent. 
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1. Too much time was spent discussing tangential issues.
2. The matter you raise is rather tangential to this discussion.
3. Even the tangential characters are wittily drawn.
4. When this is augmented by oddly tangential keyboard sounds it's an enjoyable little maelstrom to be caught up in.
5. These are male-dominated arenas; women have historically been tangential to them.
6. What Tangential Factors Might Influence A Jury?
7. It is tangential to our main objective.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. The outer tangential wall of both surfaces had cuticle.
9. Helical line (port) is in upstream of tangential port, minimizes the deterioration came from outflow of helical line, and obtains the best support of tangential port airflow.
10. The tangential coefficient for non - sliding oblique collision is introduced.
11. They thought the whole thing was a side-show, tangential to the real world of business.
12. The tangential velocity distribution in the annular region of a turbo air classifier was investigated by laser doppler velocimeter(LDV).
13. The effects on flux of tangential flow rate, time, pressure and temperature were investigated.
14. Multiple, tangential fluoroscopic views should be obtained to avoid penetration of the articular cartilage.
15. Radial and tangential liquid permeability of Masson pine timber were measured respectively.
16. Through analyzing tangential strain of three areas, it found out that neutral layer of strain move entad, but the displacement is not equal in each radial section.
17. Lines which are everywhere tangential to the direction of flow of electric current are called streamlines.
18. Considering the tangential force applied on a contact spot, the critical area demarcating the elastic and plastic regimes is obtained by comparing the normal elastic load with the normal plastic load.
19. The radial and tangential tilt angles between the emission laser axis of objective lens and test disc are the key parameters to develop, produce and detect the DVD traverses.
20. On the left-hand sides are the well-known expressions for the radial and tangential components of acceleration.
21. There are two reasons for giving them only the most tangential treatment here.
22. Mona, Seth and Barbara make up the main focus of the book, but even the tangential characters are wittily drawn.
23. The Cartesian coordinates which result from this transformation describe a space which is tangential to the curved space at the point selected.
24. So it is very important for rolling process of V-belt pulley to control metal flowing on tangential direction.
25. The parser in this made-up example does not care about the exact contents of the declaration, because it's tangential to the sentence.
26. Pullout to failure was performed either primarily or after a 5000 - cycle tangential fatigue conditioning exposure.
27. The design is improved by using a continuous double tangential tapered gating system and a bigger size runner. The gate area is increased and the gating speed is slightly reduced.
28. I cut that number down to nine because the other three were tangential to the saga.
29. Some made of plates, at the boundaries of the making - up also a tangential.
30. But the restoration of the indicator diagram using the transitive relation of crank shaft angular velocity and crank shaft tangential torque under given velocity is feasible.
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