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Consistent in a sentence

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Antonym: inconsistentSimilar words: consistentlyconsistconsist ofconsist inlisten toinsistlistenlistenerMeaning: [-tənt]  adj. 1. (sometimes followed by `with') in agreement or consistent or reliable 2. capable of being reproduced 3. marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts 4. the same throughout in structure or composition. 
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1) She is a consistent girl in her feeling.
2) Becker has never been the most consistent of players anyway.
3) Your conduct is not consistent with what you say.
4) We need results that are consistent throughout the year.
5) He has been Milan's most consistent player this season.
6) We must be consistent in applying the rules.
7) It's not suspicious that I'm fixating. It's consistent with my personality.
8) You're not very consistent: first you condemn me, then you praise me.
9) His action is always consistent with his words.
10) It's terribly important for parents to be consistent.
11) She's one of the team's most consistent players.
12) She's not very consistent in the way she treats her children.
13) There has been a consistent improvement in her attitude.
14) There is a consistent thread running through all these policies.
15) In English,( there is not a consistent one-to-one match between each written symbol and each distinct spoken sound.
16) What you say now is not consistent with what you said last week.
17) There are consistent reports of electrical torture being practised on inmates.
18) We do not consider his behaviour to be consistent with the holding of a high-ranking job.
19) The results are entirely consistent with our earlier research.
20) These actions are consistent with his principles.
21) We need to be consistent in our approach.
22) I left as early as was consistent with politeness.
23) There has been consistent growth in GSM mobile subscribers.
24) This statement is not consistent with what you said at yesterday's meeting.
25) What the witness said in court was not consistent with the statement he made to the police.
26) His account of what happened was consistent.
27) His attitude isn't absolutely consistent.
28) Have a short sensitive puberty we,always love to do with age is not consistent.
29) I will say this for Tom - at least he's consistent.
30) And I was among a great chorus out on the hustings speaking out against this consistent and constant deficit spending.
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