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Arduously in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: arduousassiduouslysensuouslystrenuouslyimpetuouslypromiscuouslycontemptuouslyassiduousMeaning: adv. in an arduous manner. 
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1. They searched arduously for clues.
2. He pointed under the pillow arduously.
3. African people is struggling arduously for their complete emancipation.
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4. It was borderline unorthodox and arduously time - consuming , but the Yankees could handle that given their reward.
5. While garbage collection must be tolerated, arduously long pause times are another matter entirely.
6. Rather than arduously work through the upload dialogue boxes for each file, you can simply ZIP the file and have the upload script uncompress the files, as well.
7. A great man is one who climbs upward arduously while others are sleeping soundly.
8. The man said, "I have been working arduously during my life and now I just want to eat and sleep without any work.
9. He practiced arduously and soon began to play in local bands.
10. It is well worthy to strive arduously in pursuit of our own happiness and dream!
11. When all the companies are arduously looking for the new gold mine, Overture created an unprecedented concept, ranking auctions, an ideal commercial mode for search engine.
12. He arduously and soon began to play in local bands.
13. But all efforts of this text is to take reader back to the starting point of arduously discussing knowledge of Nietzsche-Body.
14. Morphological characters of corps are very important for breeding[], growth monitoring and classifying. But it take too much time and arduously to get those information by manual work.
15. I feel the business can well do, key's seeing you can be good to attain arduously .
16. In wolves’ life, nothing can take place of unyielding spirit, which makes them live arduously and painfully.
17. Now is the time for us to apply our intelligence and arduously for a better future.
18. As the state-run business bank of our country, show particularly arduously in the reform of management system of credit and task of improving the respect of management level of credit.
19. Has at the elsewhere forum holds the post of (Webmaster), for avoids working arduously , not suitably holds a concurrent post in the forum key version block (Webmaster).
20. People who are now "locked in" often communicate with any movement they can make – blinking an eye or moving a hand slightly – to arduously pick letters or words from a list.
21. Everything here leaves me intact, I surrender nothing of myself, and don no mask: learning patiently and arduously how to live is enough for me. well worth all their arts of living.
22. In wolves' life, nothing can take place of their unyielding spirit, which makes them survive arduously and painfully.
23. These person's tempers which make sale are again good, and still have persistence heart very much, no matter how you scold, how refuse to listen to, they be still arduously telephone dozen come over.
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