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Deciduous in a sentence

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Similar words: assiduousarduousdecidedecide ondecimatedecisivedecisiontenuousMeaning: [dɪ'sɪdjʊəs]  adj. 1. (of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season 2. (of teeth, antlers, etc.) being shed at the end of a period of growth. 
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1) Deciduous trees shed their leaves in autumn.
2) Overgrown deciduous shrubs can be cut back at this time of year.
3) Devoid of leaves, the deciduous trees look bare from a distance.
4) Temperate forests--including deciduous, coniferous, mixed and mountain forests--account for about half of the earth's forest cover.
5) There are virtually no deciduous trees,( aside from a few beeches seen half way along the Strait near the modern coaling-station of Punta Arenas.
6) They'd passed beyond the deciduous woods, and the trees on either side were conifers - larch, spruce and pine.
7) Secondly, the deciduous woodland that eventually takes over has a rather surprising composition.
8) It appears that deciduous trees do not acidify in this way.
9) Jays are the restless, truly deciduous woodland dwellers of the crow tribe.
10) Gingko biloba is a deciduous conifer with beautifully shaped leaves which turn a rich shade of golden-yellow before falling.
11) As another exam-ple, the border between deciduous forest and wildflower prairie in the midwest is remarkably impermeable.
12) The herbs on the floor of the deciduous forest must hurry with their flowering before the canopy closes.
13) Creepers grew on the walls; deciduous, they stretched out their bare stems in a complicated network like barbed wire.
14) Once upon a time the world was deciduous and now it was not.
15) If deciduous trees gain control, then there is first browse for hare, then deer, then moose.
16) Deciduous shrub style such as azalea, cotoneaster, etc.
17) Deciduous shrub style such as azalea , daphne, etc.
18) Deciduous shrub style such as lilac, spirea, hydrangea, etc.
19) American and Asiatic deciduous and evergreen shrubs.
20) Chinese larchlike deciduous conifer with golden yellow leaves.
21) Of deciduous conifers, Ginkgo Tremonia' has a narrowish habit; less so the dawn redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides.
22) Deciduous broad-leaved species have consistently higher leaf N and P than evergreen broad-leaved species, but there are no significant differences in stems, branches and roots.
23) North American deciduous tree (Betula alleghaniensis) having aromatic twigs, yellowish bark that peels off in thin flakes, and hard, light-colored wood used for furniture and flooring.
24) A North American deciduous tree (Ulmus americana) having double serrate leaves and winged fruits. It is grown chiefly as an ornamental shade tree but often dies from Dutch elm disease.
25) Montane mixed evergreen and deciduous broadleaved forests is endemic forest vegetation type of China.
26) At the time that the land was transferred in 1996, approximately 30ha were under citrus and deciduous fruit orchards.
27) Fact: It contains our largest relatively unbroken block of deciduous woodland.
28) Once the Cotswolds had probably all consisted of entirely deciduous forest, with beech the dominant tree.
29) I kick off with an idea for a shady border under a deciduous tree.
30) Some conifers, though, such as the larch, have adopted the deciduous habit too.
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