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Anonymously in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2017-02-03Updated:2017-02-03
Similar words: anonymoussynonymousanomalouslyraucouslynervouslydubiouslyanxiouslyfuriouslyMeaning: adv. without giving a name. 
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1. The latest photographs were sent anonymously to the magazine's Paris headquarters.
2. Acting on information given to them anonymously, the police arrested him.
3. invites people to anonymously post details of stolen goods.
4. The surprising thing is that he published this anonymously.
5. Witnesses have been allowed to testify anonymously.
6. The are willing to describe cases anonymously, though it would be more helpful if people were prepared to be named.
7. Students were asked to complete, anonymously, after each course, a three-page questionnaire dealing with the above-mentioned aspects.
8. One woman writing anonymously to a women's magazine told of her distress at a particularly dehumanizing gynaecological examination.
9. Votes are taken anonymously, as is the continental tradition, by a show of hands.
10. Now you can anonymously let it all hang out online.
11. The brewery employs people to visit its pubs anonymously to quantify the effects of these charters.
12. Taylor tells the story anonymously[], with an aw shucks bravado.
13. It will always be easy to post information anonymously, or from a country where you face little danger of legal action.
14. The donation was made anonymously.
15. The manuscripts were submitted anonymously.
16. Each person may anonymously contribute what he or she likes.
17. Methods: The self-designed questionnaires were used to anonymously investigate on 179 students in 19 academies of the university who were selected by stratified random sampling.
18. Some students like to melt anonymously into the back wall or hide behind the football lineman so that they don't have to feel involved in your communication.
19. The article, coming out anonymously, is fathered upon Ms Harper.
20. A week into his job, he found a cartoon left anonymously on his desk.
21. No free samples are accepted by staff and products to be tested are paid for anonymously.
22. Some teachers said that they would have completed the questionnaire had they been asked to do so anonymously.
23. The newsletters issued by licensed dealers, whether written in house, or anonymously by stockbrokers, tend towards propaganda.
24. In 1925, when Kellogg was sixty-five years old, he established the Fellowship Corporation to distribute charitable gifts anonymously.
25. The Great Seducer was on the loose and quietly and anonymously returned to a more vigorous social exchange.
26. The purchaser's plans may be commercially sensitive, dictating the need to first approach targets anonymously.
27. The nicest feeling in the world is to do a good deed anonymously and have somebody find out. Oscar Wilde 
28. But there will frequently be considerable advantages in being able to deal anonymously.
29. Felt got the nickname from a Washington Post editor because he anonymously leaked crucial information about Nixon administration corruption to Post reporter Bob Woodward.
30. All papers considered appropriate for this journal are reviewed anonymously by at least two outside reviewers.
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