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Postulate in a sentence

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Synonym: askcall forcontenddemandinvolvenecessitateneedpositrequiretakeSimilar words: recapitulatecongratulateposturecapitulationcongratulationsemulateinsulateregulateMeaning: ['pɑstʃəleɪt /'pɒstjʊ-]  n. (logic) a proposition that is accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning. v. 1. maintain or assert 2. take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom 3. require as useful, just, or proper. 
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1 Let's postulate that she is a cook.
2 Even if we postulate that she had a motive for the murder, that still doesn't mean she did it.
3 It is, at best, a postulate.
4 Here Moscovici is offering a universal postulate about social psychological processes.
5 By implication it is impossible to postulate any definite inverse correlation between changes in the real wage rate and changes in employment.
6 It would be reasonable to accept any postulate that would make it more probable.
7 Bayes' postulate is that, when nothing to the contrary is known, the probabilities should be assumed to be equal.
8 But a postulate in a Euclidean system must be accepted in order to maintain the integrity of the whole.
9 Subjects depend on each other. National objectives postulate certain contents.
10 Because even an idiotic postulate needs to be disproved by scientific means.
11 It is a crucial postulate underpinning all the social sciences that individuals are related through associations of various kinds.
12 With this philosophy in mind, we postulate that the divergent process is the worst possible.
13 Offe also challenges the postulate of an "organized capitalism".
14 State postulate is developed into energy state postulate.
15 They postulate excessive increase in price.
16 Fruit quality is the postulate that raises economic benefits.
17 This intervention does not postulate a patient's consent.
18 Out of postulate three it says Newtonian mechanics applicable.
19 You discuss the dermas of a labia and postulate the origin of life.
20 This postulate suggested a practical strategy for determining relative atomic weights from elemental percentages in compounds.
21 By replacing the fifth postulate in the preceding paper with the condition of spherical symmetry of space we again obtain the Friedmann universe in relativistic cosmology.
22 For instance, theorists of social representation have developed Durkheim's postulate that collective representations should have theoretical primacy over individual representations.
23 A combinatin of sources of uranium may be the most realistic postulate.
24 The null result was directly related to a central postulate of the theory.
25 Chapter2 Theory Study of asset reorganization accounting. Analyzes its challenge to accounting postulate, impact on accounting principles and influence on the accounting factors.
26 If so we shall have a wave function that satisfies our new postulate.
27 Zhang Dongsun thinks knowledge is joint product of sense,( form and postulate.
28 We must now devise a mathematical way of expressing this postulate, and investigate its consequences.
29 We can see individuals, but we can't see providence; we have to postulate it Aldous Huxley.
30 Conclusion CT can accurately demonstrate the site, extent and size of the lesion, postulate the prognosis, and, therefore, is very valuable for medicolegal expertise.
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