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Modulated in a sentence

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Similar words: modulateinsulatedemulaterelatedregulateisolatedcoagulateejaculateMeaning: ['mɑdʒəleɪt /'mɒdjʊleɪt]  adj. 1. changed or adjusted in pitch, tone, or volume 2. altered in volume as well as tone or pitch. 
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1. He carefully modulated his voice.
2. Because light waves have a high frequency, modulated light can carry signals of wide bandwidth.
3. The pathway will clearly be modulated by other genes that regulate apoptosis.
4. Under Lloyd Richards' carefully modulated direction, these lives fill the theater with their music.
5. In the transmitter, infra-red is modulated to carry the analogue sound information which then fills the room.
6. It was low-pitched and reverentially modulated, a nice, crisp, modest baritone.
7. The modulated, rhythmic braying of that mule fell upon his ears.
8. Her voice was modulated to a ghostly cheerfulness.
9. The speed of the Modulated Transmission Motor is adjustable.
10. This system bases on semiconductor modulated laser, which replaces blackbody radiation source, and uses the technology of VC call MATLAB realizing graphic model output and time constant calculate.
11. Photosynthesis is modulated by oxygen, and we have an oxygen-insensitive hydrogenase that we think will totally change this process.
12. This paper introduces a Pulse - Density - Modulated ( PDM ) load resonant induction heating power based on DSP.
13. The group velocity is the speed at which modulated signals would be transmitted.
14. Modulated reflection method is used in general for measuring phase lengths of waveguide net-work in construction of electron linear accelerators.
15. Another is that displacement errors gotten by Range tracker is not actual motion errors of SAR platform, but the "modulated" errors in LOS induced by wide azimuthal angle.
16. There is a growing interest in the frequency modulated continuous wave(FMCW) synthetic aperture radar(SAR) for its advantages such as small cubage, light weight, low cost and high resolution.
17. LFMCW(Iinear Frequecy Modulated Continuous Wave) radar life detection technique is an organic combination of the vital signs monitoring techniques and the LFMCW radar techniques.
18. Modulated light is used as detecting signal in this system, photodiode area array is used as receiving module, which greatly improves the sensitivity and anti-interference ability of the system.
19. N son - carrier waves were modulated respectively with N paths symbol and got FDM signal.
20. She has a very monotonous voice; she should have it modulated.
21. When the conversation deserved to be punctuated she threw back her head and gave a perfectly proportioned peal of carefully modulated laughter.
22. Day-to-day television, in its regularity and its availability, seems regulated by repetition and modulated by acceptable difference.
23. But the biggest joy is Fiorentino, who delivers a beautifully modulated seriocomic performance.
24. After an initial slice selection procedure, the nuclear magnetic resonance signal is subjected simultaneously to two modulated magnetic field gradients.
25. The effect of osmotic stress on chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics of spring wheat genotypes in seedling stage was studied by using OS1-FL modulated chlorophyll fluorometer.
26. A method by using 8031 single-clip microprocessor to get the syntonical bit information is presented, based on the characteristic of the modulated singal in ascending cosine envelope.
27. A power converter circuit (3) drives a switching device by the pulse-width modulated wave for converting a direct current into the three phase alternating current.
28. The setting is introduced on the relationship between primary frequency modulation speed difference and primary frequency modulation load for current modulated type steam turbines with base-load.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. Furthermore, by combining the two methods with the line spectral controlling method, a modulated EBPSK waveform with narrower bandwidth and better sideband suppression is achieved.
30. Theoretical deduction proves that under the condition of all digital receiver, the ideal FM demodulated signal is equivalent to a signal with amplitude modulated by the frequency deviation.
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