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Instant in a sentence

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Synonym: immediatemomentpressingpromptquicksecondurgentSimilar words: instantlyinstanceconstantfor instanceinstalldistantassistantinstallationMeaning: ['ɪnstənt] n. 1. a very short time (as the time it takes the eye blink or the heart to beat) 2. a particular point in time. adj. 1. occurring with no delay 2. in or of the present month 3. demanding attention. 
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1. The women took an instant dislike to one another.
2. I'll be back in an instant.
3. The show was an instant success.
4. I felt an instant aversion to his parents.
5. There is no instant cure for this condition.
6. In an instant her mood had changed.
7. He spooned instant coffee into two of the mugs.
8. The snake's venom induces instant paralysis.
9. I'll have instant noodle for supper.
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10. We live in an era of instant communication.
11. She felt an instant rapport between them.
12. For a brief instant, I thought she was going to fall.
13. For an instant, Catherine was tempted to flee.
14. His attack on the manager led to his instant dismissal.
15. I shall be back in an instant.
16. She took an instant dislike to me.
17. This account gives you instant access to your money.
18. At the instant I saw him[], I knew he was the man the police were looking for.
19. I took an instant dislike to him.
20. Jen burst out laughing the instant she walked in.
21. The news of his death produced an instant outpouring of grief.
22. Instant coffee just doesn't compare with freshly ground coffee.
23. Tears stay, instant understand.
24. Touching the wires means instant death.
25. The card gives you instant access to your savings.
26. From no words not talked about speechless, only need a silent instant just.
27. The old ethic of hard work has given way to a new ethic of instant gratification.
28. No matter what he is offered to eat he polishes it off in an instant.
29. All this plethora of sight , and feeling, and thought occurred on the instant . There was no pause of the realities wherein he moved.
30. With a glazed stare she revived for one last instant.
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