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Reticulate in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-01-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: articulategesticulateinarticulatemeticulousparticularin particularparticularlymatriculationMeaning: [rɪ'tɪkjeleɪt /-kjʊ-]  v. 1. form a net or a network 2. distribute by a network, as of water or electricity 3. divide so as to form a network. adj. resembling or forming a network. 
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(1) I found myself in front of the reticulated python.
(2) Leaf cuticular membrane was granular, reticulate, or papilliform.
(3) Plastics. Reticulate polyethylene pipes for pipelines under pressure. Specifications.
(4) The surface ornament of seed is reticulate or mammilate.
(5) The ornamentation of extine is reticulate, reticulate- microperforate or microperforate.
(6) This paper is special in dynamics performance of reticulate polypropylene fiber concrete.
(7) Honing experiments are executed and the relationships between reticulate cross-angle, honing pressure, honing rates and material removal rate are analyzed in rough honing.
(8) A case of reticulate pigmented anomaly of the flexures is reported.
(9) Packing: side sealing, reticulate , sealing edge 8 MM, another level with pneumatic cutter.
(10) The reticulate evolution caused by hybridization, introgression and lineage sorting may be an explanation for the molecular phylogenetic incongruence.
(11) These are to form the reticulate structure inside company site.
(12) The reticulate pattern of minor veins is characteristic of most dicotyledonous plants.
(13) Seeds (1 or)2 per valve, subpyramidal, rugose reticulate; hilum linear, minute.
(14) The octagonal nave piers have no capitals and ascend to carry the reticulated nave vault above.
(15) The patient is in the process that enjoys music, the air that adopts music, rhythm, harmonic, tonal will adjust the function that cerebrum margin system and head do reticulate structure.
(16) Usually, layer and vertical crack are caused by moulding, and horizontal and reticulate crack are caused by sintering .
(17) Mortar theory assumes that asphalt mixture is a dispersed system of multilevel interspace reticulate structure.
(18) The minor veins join with other minor veins, forming a conspicuous network. The reticulate pattern of minor veins is characteristic of most dicotyledonous plants.
(19) The results show that 82B wire rod brittle fracture is mainly caused by excessive inclusion, reticulate carbide, lower sorbite in the microstructure, and surface defect of wire rod.
(20) Facial nerve nucleus is located in deep of pontine lower reticulate structure, in trigeminal spinal cord bundle nuclear inside, nerve nucleus exhibits outside before foreign.
(21) This photo shows only the carapace, with their distinctive reticulate surface ornamentation.
(22) The form of the perforation plates in the typical vessels are various, divide into several subtypes:scalariform perforation plates, reticulate perforation plates.
(23) It is obvious effect because refined giantarum starch forms reticulate structure, protein and impurity will be absorbed on the net, the Honey wine will be clarified.
(24) Methods:With the contents of hesperidin and volatile oils as the index, observing and studying the impact of storage duration and methods of processing on the quality of pericarpium citri reticulate.
(25) We hope by means of a biosystematic study to find out their genetic relationships in the reticulate evolution, and to raise a suggestion on their taxonomic treatment.
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