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Ejaculate in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2016-11-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: blunderblunder outblurtblurt outcomecumseedsemenseminal fluidSimilar words: immaculatespeculatecalculatecirculatearticulategesticulatespectacularspeculationMeaning: [ɪ'dʒækjʊleɪt]  n. the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract. v. 1. utter impulsively 2. eject semen. 
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1. I ejaculated mentally , " you deserve perpetual isolation from your species for your churlish inhospitality.
2. You may of course ejaculate to that thing if you like.
3. witch put a mock malignity into her beautiful eyes, and Joseph, trembling with sincere horror, hurried out praying and ejaculating " wicked ".
4. The little witch put a mock malignity into her beautiful eyes, and Joseph, trembling with sincere horror, hurried out praying and ejaculating "wicked" as he went.
5. Since women do not ejaculate anything, nobody paid any attention to their spontaneous orgasms.
6. He's just aggravated I won't ejaculate in his ass ( Uhh ! ) .
7. The one - time ejaculate volume of Poll Dorset ram , sperm density and motility rate increased by 0.
8. The major function of the male orgasm is the ejaculation of sperm, though not all men ejaculate with orgasm.
9. Even for an artificial insemination, at least the man must reach orgasm and ejaculate.
10. From all external evidence these men do not seem to ejaculate at all.
11. Specifically, use of vardenafil for 6 months does not impair sperm concentration, total sperm count per ejaculate, or sperm morphology and motility.
12. Yohimbine has even been shown to increase the force and the amount of ejaculate, enhancing the male orgasm.
12. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
13. Sexology expert considers to discover, in having the ejaculation ache, premature ejaculation, man that does not ejaculate, often put in this kind of phenomenon.
14. So you may wonder, if your boyfriend were to ejaculate while his penis-wave-function is penetrating multiple slits simultaneously, how many ladies could he potentially fertilise?
15. Women do not produce semen andas a rule, do not ejaculate.
16. Reloading might explain the behavior of bucks, bulls, and male primates, all of which tend to ejaculate at the end of an autoerotic episode.
17. One day in the autumn of 1989, Sun ping has remembered one army sheet, which has been stain with ejaculate when he had the pleasant wet dream.
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