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Coagulate in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2016-10-11Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: clotsetthickenSimilar words: regulateregulatorregulatoryregulationemulatestimulatespeculateinsulatedMeaning: [kəʊ'ægjʊleɪt]  v. 1. change from a liquid to a thickened or solid state 2. cause to change from a liquid to a solid or thickened state. adj. transformed from a liquid into a soft semisolid or solid mass. 
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1 The blood coagulates to stop wounds bleeding.
2 The sauce coagulated as it cooled down.
3 Blood coagulates in air.
4 Blood had coagulated around the wound.
5 Blood coagulates when it meets air.
6 The venom of this snake coagulates the blood.
7 The salt solution helps coagulate the soy milk into clumps.
8 The viscose in acid bath coagulate to viscose rayon.
9 Coagulate the culture essence, shows the trustworthiness spreads.
10 In extreme polarity,[] dreams coagulate into thought - form that is resonant.
11 Human users, however, do not want it to coagulate too soon, and Dr Schulze Gronover has found a way to switch polyphenoloxidase off, using a technique called RNA interference.
12 Papain and chymopapain can coagulate soybean protein isolate ( SPI ) , both of them are cysteine proteinases.
13 As the blood ceases to coagulate creating disease, then accidents through transportation will also fade.
14 As the egg whites cook, they coagulate and rise to the surface.
15 The Dratslingers and their troupe plucked these impulses from the ether, made them coagulate, gave them form.
16 Patterns of dots from a painting program tend to fall apart when enlarged or coagulate into muddy puddles if reduced.
17 They dissolve readily in water, dilute acids ,( and alkalis but do not coagulate readily on heating.
18 The chymosin purified from glutinous rice wine is the reason why glutinous rice wine could coagulate Chinese royal cheese, one of traditional Chinese dairy produce.
19 Build up the partnership between teaching and administration in order to coagulate the group strength.
20 Before and after treatment, lipid metabolism, liver, kidney and blood coagulate functions of patients were tested.
21 Pasty - liquid has the advantage of high transmittance, the low coagulate - rate, the small reduce function.
22 However, the use of high-temperature methods is subject to various restrictions: soil consisting of proteinaceous material tends to coagulate (think of cooked egg yolk between the tines of a fork!
23 APC conducts monopolar electro surgical high frequency current to tissue via an ionized argon gas stream(argon plasma) to coagulate the tissue.
24 Within up to the argon ion coagulation treatment the mirror sees the entire infection to coagulate.
25 Doubtless the inner part of the unit of business of coagulate theand will strengthen consumedly 4.
26 The effects of the amount of additive on the coagulate particle contents and properties are analyzed.
27 Since small amounts of barium sulfate do not readily coagulate the precipitate can easily go unnoticed.
28 Conclusion: Electrocoagulation for hemostasis under nasal endoscope can confirm the masked bleeding points in meatus or roof of nose, and coagulate them effectively.
29 The live labor is the origin of value, while the coagulate labor is the value itself.
30 The three kinds of labor in value creation are live labor, transition labor and coagulate labor.
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