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Stipulate in a sentence

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Synonym: conditionqualifyspecifySimilar words: manipulatestimulategesticulatepopulationemulateundulateinsulateregulateMeaning: ['stɪpjəleɪt /-jʊl-]  v. 1. specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement 2. give a guarantee or promise of 3. make an oral contract or agreement in the verbal form of question and answer that is necessary to give it legal force. 
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1. Laws stipulate the maximum interest rate that banks can charge.
2. International rules stipulate the number of foreign entrants.
3. Can you stipulate they would carry out the treaty?
4. Some manufacturers stipulate the price at which their goods are to be sold.
5. The regulations stipulate that everything has to comply to the relevant safety standards.
6. For PEPs this is unavoidable,( as the rules stipulate that the investment is made in cash.
7. Nor did it stipulate how long the incumbent would hold office until fresh elections produced a successful candidate.
8. Other treaties stipulate that no conflicting obligations can be made, but without specifying any consequence of breach.
9. I think most reasonable people will stipulate that this field is mined with them.
10. Currently, many contracts stipulate the opposite -- making the proceedings much more convenient for the franchiser.
11. But why don't the rules stipulate that on a grey you have to wear brown breeches for the same reason?
12. Pragmatism as a conception of law does not stipulate which of these various visions of good community are sound or attractive.
13. Modern men also stipulate that they mustn't be boring, without seeing any contradiction in that thought.
14. Leaves alternate, simple, shortly or long petiolate, not stipulate.
15. The new bill doesn't stipulate the actual wage level.
16. I stipulate this only nothing further.
17. Combine to concretely stipulate each complete date of work preface by the form of production process form.
18. How many requirements stipulate security testing (or another quality criteria)?
19. Stipulate responsibilities, authorities, protocols and problem - solving steps,( as appropriate.
20. I stipulate that the tenant is responsible for all repairs.
21. An issuer shall stipulate expressly in the prospectus that the investors subscribing the current bonds shall be deemed as accepting the credit agency agreement.
22. The company fails to pay on the date stipulate in the contract.
23. We stipulate that our salesgirl must be polite to customer.
24. The selling clause that the agent should stipulate manufacturers explains users.
25. Only in the case of SELECTED-ISSUE, therefore, can the person creating the module header stipulate a specific version.
26. It is more reasonable and more widely used to stipulate angular measure with cross ratio of projective invariant.
27. One copy each of the certificate of quality and quantity or weight, as stipulate in the clause5 of the term of delivery.
28. Where the third party fails to fulfill the contracted obligations and causes thus losses to the truster, the broker shall be liable therefor, unless the broker and the truster stipulate otherwise.
29. How to ensure the rational benefit of lose land's peasantry and stipulate for rational compensation for this peasantry in the process of Urbanization ?
30. Affiance originated from mercenary marriage of ancient society. The relative law of most countries or regions also stipulate the affiance system.
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