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Circulate in a sentence

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Sentence count:146+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-10-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: broadcastdistributego aroundpublishscatterSimilar words: calculatespeculateimmaculatearticulategesticulatecircuitcircuitouscircumspectMeaning: ['sɜːkjʊleɪt]  v. 1. become widely known and passed on 2. cause to become widely known 3. cause to be distributed 4. move through a space, circuit or system, returning to the starting point 5. move in circles 6. cause to move in a circuit or system 7. move around freely 8. cause to move around. 
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1. Air can circulate freely through the tunnels.
2. People who circulate false news are to be blamed.
3. It is hardly surprising that rumours continue to circulate.
4. Cooking odors can circulate throughout the entire house.
5. Even with the new legislation pirate copies will circulate.
6. Merchandise can now circulate freely among the EU countries.
7. If your muscles are tense, blood cannot circulate freely .
8. It's a simple matter to circulate a newspaper in the metropolitan area.
9. You will have a chance to circulate and chat informally.
10. Rumours were already beginning to circulate that the project might have to be abandoned.
11. The vents circulate heat back into the room.
12. Strange stories began to circulate about Morrissey's new residence.
13. Not long afterwards[], ugly rumours began to circulate.
14. Draughts help to circulate air.
15. It tells readers to circulate the letter widely.
16. The organization's intranet system allows information to circulate rapidly.
17. Rumours began to circulate that Banzai had been conquered.
18. Huge blowers circulate the entire air of Bio2 several times in one day.
19. As news about the archdiocesan report began to circulate,[Sentence dictionary] the pressure increased on Ray McGovern to abandon his protest.
20. The general principle is to circulate cooler liquids around the outside.
21. However, many third world traders do more than circulate goods for sale.
22. A multitude of memos circulate in organizations simply to justify our behaviours in the event of a breakdown.
23. Costumed characters from the San Diego Zoo will circulate throughout the kids' area.
24. Set up a biological filter and circulate your pondwater through it about once every two hours with a suitable pump.
25. Work came to a complete standstill when rumours of redundancies started to circulate.
26. Keep one as a master copy for your own reference and circulate the others.
27. Let me get you something to drink, then I must circulate.
28. Leave a gap at the top and bottom so air can circulate.
29. We should often open the windows to allow the air to circulate.
30. Treat the gag programs and animated cards that tend to circulate around the festive season, with utmost caution.
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