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Undulate in a sentence

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Synonym: cockleflapriffleripplerollrufflewaveSimilar words: undulantmodulatemodulatedemulateregulatecoagulatespeculatecirculateMeaning: ['ʌndjʊleɪt]  v. 1. stir up (water) so as to form ripples 2. occur in soft rounded shapes 3. move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion 4. increase and decrease in volume or pitch, as if in waves. adj. having a wavy margin and rippled surface. 
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1. We soon see a field of wheat undulate in the breeze.
2. As we travel south, the countryside begins to undulate as the rolling hills sweep down to the riverbanks.
3. I love the gently undulating hills of the Dales.
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4. His body slowly undulated in time to the music.
5. They danced not with their legs or arms, but with their entire bodies, undulating their abdomens.
6. leaves with undulate margins.
7. The undulating planes of the countryside provide relief from the hard horizontals and verticals of the urban scene.
8. The countryside undulates pleasantly.
9. Neither slinky dresses nor thigh-throttling jeans and undulating cleavage seem to arouse the slightest passion into those zombies on the terraces.
10. We drove through undulating farmland and it was as if the light were refracted through amethyst.
11. Locomotion is effected by undulating waves of muscle contraction and relaxation which alternate on the dorsal and ventral aspects of the worm.
12. From there on, the topography is less demanding, the road undulating gently all the way to Monmouth.
13. Joey Meeson watched as Lizzy danced, her body undulating to the thumping rhythm of the acid house music.
14. The cleared land, a broken and undulating mix of heavy clay and difficult sands, was by no means rich.
15. Over aeons, the undulating plains have been showered by volcanic ash blown westward from Ngorongoro, Lemagrut and other now-extinct volcanos.
16. The shadows around the thing undulated, giving it the appearance of life.
17. Meadow pipits, commonest of upland birds, negotiated undulating flight paths over white tufts of cotton grass.
18. It was a naturally sheltered basin, a trick of the undulating meadows along the Comer.
19. Undulating coastal plains and other ungraded lowlands, underlain by permafrost, in summer form some of the tundra's wettest areas.
20. This is a province of lovely undulating countryside mostly thickly wooden, blending into hills and mountains.
21. Leaves opposite, margin undulate or revolute.
22. The Undulate Triggerfish or Orange-lined Triggerfish can be worth keeping since it is lively, colorful, and will grow to be a nice pet, taking food from the owners'; hand!
23. There's also an analysis of undulate form feature of vesicular breath sounds dry rale and wet rale.
24. DH of the paphia undulate meat by the crude proteinase from the pineapple in 70 %.
25. It differs from the similar E. macrophyllus in its smaller, more rounded leaves and the leaf margins not being undulate.
26. Dulcify and can't be pure to comprehend to a kind of facial expression in fact, because that is a kind of mind pleasant sensation to undulate really.
27. Studland Bay is home to spiny and short-snouted seahorses and the endangered undulate rays.
28. The species is characterized by its long and lanceolate leaflets with undulate teeth.
29. The way of reckoning for power supply now, makes the linerate undulate greatly at different period.
30. Concavo-convex veins are always used in the design of woolen sweater, for it is undulate, irregular, inimitable texture, and gives takes strong wallop to people.
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