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Offensive in a sentence

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Antonym: inoffensiveSimilar words: defensiveextensivecomprehensiveoffensesensitiveoffenderdefensemassiveMeaning: [ə'fensɪv]  n. the action of attacking an enemy. adj. 1. violating or tending to violate or offend against 2. for the purpose of attack rather than defense 3. causing anger or annoyance 4. morally offensive 5. unpleasant or disgusting especially to the senses 6. of an offensive substitute for inoffensive terminology 7. causing or able to cause nausea. 
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1) His mode of doing business is offensive to me.
2) I found her remarks deeply offensive .
3) I find your attitude most offensive.
4) The defensive team nearly equipoised the offensive team.
5) The noise is offensive to the ear.
6) He was charged with carrying an offensive weapon.
7) He launched what was called a charm offensive against MPs who might not support the Government.
8) His comments were deeply offensive to a large number of single mothers.
9) She took the offensive, challenging her critics to prove their allegations.
10) Jan was convicted of possessing an offensive weapon .
11) The police nicked me for carrying an offensive weapon.
12) I insist that you withdraw your offensive remarks immediately.
13) The dump sent out an offensive odor.
14) The final offensive was launched on January 10.
15) The troops took up offensive positions.
16) She said some offensive remarks.
17) He was convicted of carrying an offensive weapon .
18) Knives of any sort are classed as offensive weapons.
19) The film was gratuitously offensive.
20) Some friends of his found the play horribly offensive.
21) If all else fails,( I will take the offensive.
22) The government has launched a new offensive against crime.
23) The army was forced to give ground when the enemy started its new offensive.
24) Consumers found the attitude of its staff offhand and generally offensive to the paying customer.
25) He was then arrested and charged with possessing an offensive weapon.
26) The programme contains language which some viewers may find offensive.
27) The word 'lady' has connotations of refinement and excessive femininity that some women find offensive.
28) He's always making rude remarks about women. I find that deeply offensive.
29) Military officials are still tight-lipped about when or whether their forces will launch a ground offensive.
30) He orders his assistants around in a way that is very offensive.
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