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Progressive in a sentence

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Antonym: conservativeSimilar words: aggressiveimpressiveexcessiveaggressioncongressionalprogramprogrammingmassiveMeaning: [prə'gresɪv]  n. 1. a tense of verbs used in describing action that is on-going 2. a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties. adj. 1. favoring or promoting progress 2. favoring or promoting reform (often by government action) 3. (of taxes) adjusted so that the rate increases as the amount of income increases 4. gradually advancing in extent 5. advancing in severity. 
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1. Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. 
2. Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance. 
3. The children go to a progressive school.
4. This is a progressive course in English study.
5. These weaknesses negated his otherwise progressive attitude towards the staff.
6. There is often a progressive loss of sight in old.
7. Summerhill school is noted for its progressive policies.
8. Many young politicians are progressive.
9. The school has carefully fostered its progressive image.
10. It's a progressive idea.
11. There's been a progressive decline in the standard of living over the past few years.
12. The last few months have seen the progressive meltdown of the country's political system.
13. It was a progressive disease and he would suffer more and more.
14. This is a very progressive firm that uses the most modern systems.
15. This is a progressive firm that uses the most modern systems.
16. HIV is a progressive disease which the immune response ultimately fails to control.
17. One prominent symptom of the disease is progressive loss of memory.
18. The result is a progressive decline in physical abilities.
19. Warton again adopts a progressive position.
20. Politicians were transformed into much more stylish,( progressive dressers.
21. It was 15,042 for the Progressive Democrats.
22. The relationship of progressive rock and the counterculture is thus uneasy and internally contradictory.
23. The approach taken by US courts has been more progressive than that in Britain.
24. 'He's working hard at the moment' is an example of the present progressive form of the verb 'work'.
25. 'I was eating when the phone rang' is an example of the past progressive.
26. Halsey was identified as a leading proponent of the values of progressive education.
27. The left of the party is pressing for a more progressive social policy.
28. This is a yardstick for measuring whether a person is really progressive.
29. The victory on paid holidays was achieved out of a mixture of motives, an amalgam of control and progressive reform.
30. Almost continuous revolution for twenty-seven years following independence had disrupted industry, commerce, and all progressive development.
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