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Awakening in a sentence

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Synonym: wakeningwaking upSimilar words: awakeeveningopeningscreeningdeafeninghappeninggardeningglisteningMeaning: [-knɪŋ] a'ware·ness|awareness [-nɪs]  n. the act of waking. 
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1. She was just awakening from sleep.
2. People are gradually awakening to their rights.
3. China is like a giant awakening from a heavy sleep.
4. Mass movements are often a factor in the awakening and renovation of stagnant societies.
5. The resulting pain can cause a nighttime awakening.
6. Eric Young's tackle proved a rude awakening.
7. Well, it was a rude awakening.
8. I convey the further information that with awakening awareness I am stirred to approach, and as I approach awareness quickens.
9. The awakening of national consciousness amongst the subject peoples was a major factor in undermining the power of the sultans.
10. Lay himself deserves much of the credit for awakening geophysicists to this wondrous terrain half way to the center of the earth.
11. Hopkins was among the first to say that awakening could not truly take over a heart until its owner freed slaves.
12. Women outnumbered men as converts in the Great Awakening, and f0urd new paths in the missionary movement in the new century.
13. After some participation in the Great Awakening as a youth, he parted company with its proponents.
14. Fortunately, Congress, awakening to the problem, has made job training reform an early priority.
15. Then came the great awakening and the anticipation of federal intervention to come.
16. Awakening to the softness of Bethany pressed into her caused heat to spring life into her loins.
17. He touched he heart, awakening the love, stirring the pain.
18. It was during the period of 1943-1945 that his political awakening took place.
19. If they had expected a warm welcome, they were in for a rude awakening .
20. If they expect the match to be friendly, then they are in for a rude awakening.
21. Confident that he would win, he had a rude awakening on election day.
21. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
22. If the players think they can win this match easily, they are in for a rude awakening.
23. We think there are certain elements in sport that make it a vehicle for spiritual awakening.
24. Conservative elements steeped in uniformitarian philosophy cannot be expected to welcome such a rude awakening.
25. Being vegetarian here also means that we do not consume dairy and egg products, because they are products of the meat industry. If we stop consuming, they will stop producing. Only collective awakening can create enough determination for action. Thich Nhat Hanh 
26. While most historians have come to call this religious revival the Great Awakening, this name came a century after the event.
27. It was as if they had landed on an alien planet, his fear that of awakening the denizens, giant and menacing.
28. New forces have emerged this last war and the awakening of social consciousness.
29. Renters who move into a vacated apartment face the rude awakening of the market rate an owner is permitted to charge.
30. The change was hardly the result of a recent awakening to the virtues of promoting privatism through local government.
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