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Defendant in a sentence

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Synonym: suspectSimilar words: defenderdefensedefensiveattendancein dangeroffenderpedanticagendaMeaning: [-dənt]  n. a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law; the person being sued or accused. 
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1. The court found against the defendant.
2. The defendant was charged with disturbing the peace.
3. The defendant broke down under cross - examination .
4. The judge found for the defendant.
5. The testimony of witnesses vindicated the defendant.
6. The judge pronounced for the defendant, and also said that his opponent should pay the court costs.
7. She testified under oath that the defendant was innocent.
8. Can you testify that you saw the defendant at the scene of the crime?
9. The summons was served upon the defendant.
10. The defendant requested more time to prepare his case.
11. The defendant explained that he had been acting under coercion.
12. Cherie Booth is the lawyer appearing for the defendant.
13. The defendant had a history of violent assaults on women.
14. The defendant was depressed and therefore not fully responsible for her own actions.
15. Ms Dale is representing the defendant in the case.
16. The defendant has been ordered to deliver up the goods.
17. The jury found for the defendant.
18. The barrister represented to the court that the defendant was mentally unstable.
19. The defendant asked for 21 similar offences to be taken into account.
20. The defendant seemed nervous as he left the dock and stepped up to the witness box.
21. The burden of proof lies on the defendant.
22. The court decided against the defendant.
23. The defendant was released to await trial but had to surrender her passport.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. The jury found the defendant guilty on all counts.
25. The government will not seek to disrupt the legitimate business activities of the defendant.
26. The judge decided the case in favour of the defendant.
27. A jury should not interpret the silence of a defendant as a sign of guilt.
28. The judge's decision was to award damages to the defendant.
29. A buzz of excitement filled the courtroom as the defendant was led in.
30. At the trial, Ms X said that she had known the defendant for three years.
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