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Achromatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2016-10-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: automaticdiplomaticautomaticallymathematicsromanticdramaticdogmaticpragmaticMeaning: [‚ækrəʊ'mætɪk]  adj. having no hue. 
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1. A new achromatic isochronous deflection system is described.
2. An achromatic conformal optical system working within infrared waveband was designed by him.
3. This research was on surface color discrimination of achromatic color in congenital red - green color - vision abnormal people.
4. The achromatic principle and its design method of two-grating lens system are presented.
5. An achromatic scale ranging from black through a series of successively lighter grays to white.
6. Achromatic lens: A lens which refracts light of most colours equally, i. e. corrected for blue and green light of the primaries.
7. Achromatic little a knot in one's heart grew on the hand, itch again painful, how cleared?
8. Purkinje obtained an achromatic compound microscope in 1832, and began examining nervous tissue and other biological samples.
9. In the 1820s, achromatic lenses were developed(, and their use in compound microscopes provided investigators with the clearest images yet of tissue samples.
10. This article studied migration, dispersing and achromatic property of salt-resistance levelling agent TF-212B on polyester pongee under the existence of sodium sulphate.
11. An achromatic conformal optical system working within infrared waveband was designed.
12. The achromatic and isochronous relations for the system are obtained by six dimension transport matrix method.
13. A doubly achromatic magnetic deflection system with three sector magnet is described.
14. A method for designing compound achromatic wave plate made of mica and quartz is presented.
15. Achromatic: Without color. Black, white and gray are achromatic,( but called colors by artist.
16. CCR : Short for Complementary Colour Removal. A method of achromatic separations by Hell Company.
17. Each component of an optical system can be determined by solving the equations based on the power of system, athermal and achromatic requirements.
18. Fervor - enticement - sex appeal - portrait - Attractive - Innocent, achromatic region opening browsing.
19. The wakefield effects induced by the front particle, using impulse approximation, are equivalent to additional momentum increases of the tail particle at the midplane of achromatic system.
20. Its color is only blue and white two - day, one of blue achromatic effect of the best.
21. The simple vector filter has simple principle that is use achromatic factor to extract traffic sign colors.
22. Such water - soluble pen market prices relatively low achromatic speed more suitable for less demanding users.
23. ICR : Short for Integrated Clolour Removal. A term used by Dainippon Screen to describe achromatic separation.
24. Color Of or indicating a color, such as gray, black, or white , that lacks hue achromatic.
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