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Specify in a sentence

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Synonym: assignconditiondefinedelimitdelimitatedelineatedesignatedestinedeterminefixintendlimitnail downnarrownarrow downparticulariseparticularizepeg downpin downqualifysetset apartspecialisespecializestipulateSimilar words: specificspecificallyspecialspeciesspecialtyespeciallyspecializespecialistMeaning: ['spesɪfaɪ] v. 1. specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement 2. determine the essential quality of 3. decide upon or fix definitely 4. be specific about 5. define clearly 6. design or destine 7. select something or someone for a specific purpose. 
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1. Please specify what you will do.
2. He said we should meet but didn't specify a time.
3. She did not specify precisely how many people were involved in the incident.
4. Unless I'm mistaken, he didn't specify what time.
5. It should be possible to specify the range of values of X which would satisfy this equation.
6. The regulations specify that you may use a dictionary in the examination.
7. Remember to specify your size when ordering clothes.
8. The regulations specify that calculators may not be used in the examination.
9. We should specify a time and a place for the meeting.
10. The rules clearly specify that competitors must not accept payment.
11. Regulations specify how long maintenance crews can work.
12. Instead of persuading the user to specify requirements, the analyst will be driven by the user to meet key needs.
13. Seagate, a maker of computer-disk drives, would not specify the purchase price of the deal.
14. Current laws specify parking requirements for new buildings.
15. A condition to specify the maximum rate of house completions for education reasons is required.
16. Use this control to specify a sensible figure to speed up your output.
17. Specify which countries' sheets you desire, and enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage attached.
18. First, screening rules are difficult to specify, given the vastly diverse needs of users.
19. These constituents would then specify how the cells develop.
20. Some organisations specify particular items which are not covered by the reimbursement of removal costs policy.
21. The bill does not, however,( specify the exact procedure for notification.
22. Spelling rules exist to specify when particular spelling changes can operate.
23. He tried to fudge the issue by saying that he did not want to specify periods.
24. The section gives some indication of the questions the company may ask, but it does not specify a format.
25. The computer must be fit for the purpose you specify.
26. Since the incremental value is encoded in the operation field, there is room to specify a store address in the instruction.
27. Ads for her current tour have suggested that concertgoers bring canned food for local food banks but specify vegetarian food only.
28. If you select the Timed Backup option, WordPerfect will save your document at whatever interval you specify.
29. There are very many such influences on grouping structure, so that rigid rules would be almost impossible to specify.
30. If it has a specific set of meanings, the semantic theory should specify them.
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