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Synchronize in a sentence

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Sentence count:91Posted:2016-10-09Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: contemporisecontemporizesyncsynchroniseSimilar words: chronicorganizeorganizedironicallyelectronicelectronicssynapsesyndromeMeaning: ['sɪŋkrənaɪz]  v. 1. make synchronous and adjust in time or manner 2. happen at the same time 3. make (motion picture sound) exactly simultaneous with the action 4. arrange or represent events so that they co-occur 5. operate simultaneously 6. cause to indicate the same time or rate. 
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1. The wheels must synchronize as they revolve.
2. Look at your watches. Have them synchronize.
3. The sound track did not synchronize with the action.
4. The sound on a film must synchronize with the action.
5. We'd better synchronize our watches if we all want to be there at the same time.
6. Businesses must synchronize their production choices with consumer choices.
7. Our company must synchronize production with marketing campaigns.
8. Let's synchronize our watches .
9. Colourful flashing lights synchronize the sound.
10. Sometimes converging swells will synchronize to produce a peak that is higher than any of the separate peaks that preceded it.
11. Businesses must synchronize their production choices with consumer choices or face the penalty of losses and eventual bankruptcy.
12. An unrecoverable error occurred trying to synchronize the cluster disk information.
13. The film does not synchronize with sound.
14. Interoperation might be optimized to synchronize only with records where ownership is transferred to team members on the Jazz technology-based tool.
15. Command - line utility to compare and synchronize data using the configuration file.
16. It is also recommended to periodically synchronize the local clock against a trusted time server, using the Network Time Protocol (NTP), and to send log files to a remote, dedicated log server.
17. Atom clock synchronizer - synchronize clock of YOUR PC with atomic time server.
18. Then starting three years ago, we began to synchronize the videotaped and facially coded response of consumers to the equally split-second, real-time data available from eye-tracking, too.
19. Others died of exhaustion, fighting the machine that did not synchronize with the efforts of their unaffected breathing muscles.
20. You have to force yourself not to talk to the visual aids and to synchronize your gestures with your main messages.
21. In effect their fiscal mandate meant their version of reality failed to synchronize with the police world view.
22. Activity management helps in better co-ordination and smoother task execution that helps the online communities to synchronize their work accordingly.
23. Functional programming is especially useful for concurrency[], since it eliminates the need to synchronize access to mutable state.
24. In the large scale network, a logical synchronous network should be setup automatically at running time in order to synchronize the clocks of the nodes.
25. After all, as we've seen before, if there is nothing shared, there is nothing we need to synchronize concurrent execution against.
26. Keep in mind that when you use a typed DataSet, if the corresponding schema changes in the underlying database table, you will need to synchronize the schema in the typed DataSet.
27. There are no milestones on the page with which to synchronize.
27. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
28. Do not have to register, you can easily order shares, funds, warrants, such as information services, market data and synchronize automatically refresh display.
29. Stop bits traditionally were used to give the computer time to process the previous character, but now only serve to synchronize the receiving computer to the incoming characters.
30. When supporting write access to this integrated view, the federation server must synchronize the manipulation of data in the various sources into a logical unit of work.
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