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Participation in a sentence

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Synonym: engagementinvolutioninvolvementSimilar words: participateparticipantanticipateparticleparticularparticularlyin particularoccupationMeaning: [pɑr'tɪsɪ'peɪʃn /pɑː't-] n. 1. the act of sharing in the activities of a group 2. the condition of sharing in common with others (as fellows or partners etc.). 
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1. Some of the magic tricks called for audience participation.
2. Union leaders called for the active participation of all members in the day of protest.
3. We are hoping for full participation at grass roots level.
4. We had better calculate on their active participation.
5. Employees and their relatives were excluded from participation in the contest.
6. We want more participation in the decision-making.
7. The magic show had a lot of audience participation, with people shouting things to the performers and going up on stage.
8. Participation is encouraged at all levels.
9. A back injury prevented active participation in any sports for a while.
10. Their participation is subject to a number of important provisos.
11. Mass culture turns audiences into passive consumers, their participation limited to the choice between buying and not buying.
12. Thank you for your participation.
13. The scheme aims to encourage increased participation in sporting activities.
14. Not all executives share the view that participation in online discussions is good for business.
15. The main function of civil service participation in the work of the Cabinet and its committees is to work out interdepartmental compromises.
16. Advancement may be accelerated by participation in company training programs to gain a broader knowledge of company policy and operations.
17. Second, it highlighted the importance of active participation by elderly people themselves in all aspects of course planning.
18. The accelerating effect of changes in participation on changes in equipment demand is clear to see.
18. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
19. The cognitive model proposes a direct causal link: participation brings about enhanced information on goals, and so performance is improved.
20. In order to encourage participation, task groups are supported which consider, in depth, various Ada-related aspects.
21. I will do my best to stave off his participation.
22. Only in this way can the critical mass of participation be reached.
23. We were very pleased with the high level of participation in the charity events.
24. The term "industrial democracy" is often used as a synonym for worker participation.
25. Pluralism or membership of associations, he suggests, provides the individual with the participation lacking in a liberal democracy.
26. A treaty was urgently required and strenuous efforts should be made to secure participation and cooperation with the Soviet Union.
27. The city chose existing citizen advisory boards and commissions as its vehicle for citizen participation.
28. With no kettles to boil, basins to fill or clean towels to fetch, true participation is required.
29. A persuasive argument that democracy can and should be based on active and extensive participation by the citizenry.
30. It is as if the entire party structure and philosophy had been geared towards the exclusion of participation and the discouragement of debate.
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