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Turbulent in a sentence

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Synonym: blusteringdisorderlyexcitedfranticfrenziedfuriousriotoustumultuousunrulyviolentwildSimilar words: opulentvirulenttruculentfraudulentperturbturbinedisturbfraudulenceMeaning: ['tɜrbjələnt /'tɜːbjʊl-]  adj. 1. characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination 2. (of a liquid) agitated vigorously; in a state of turbulence. 
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1. Not until this turbulent region can shuffle off the burdens of the past will it be able to settle peacefully into the community of nations.
2. They had been together for five or six turbulent years of rows and reconciliations.
3. He has had a turbulent political career.
4. The ship breasted the turbulent seas.
5. This has been a turbulent week for the government.
6. In 1991, he entered upon a turbulent political career.
7. The aircraft is designed to withstand turbulent conditions.
8. After a turbulent week on the markets, share prices firmed today.
9. The seas grew turbulent, tossing the small boat like a cork.
10. The sea was too turbulent for us to be able to take the boat out.
11. Studies of turbulent flows centre on laboratory experiments.
12. Three presidents came and went in those turbulent times.
13. However, turbulent airflow randomly alters the direction of lift on a flying wing.
14. The clouds were turbulent and gray, a cool, light rain still falling.
15. It is time to turn to the turbulent scene of public examinations as they now are.
16. This is a consequence of the fact that turbulent flows normally occur at high Reynolds number.
17. The first hour proved fairly turbulent, as we skimmed under some cumulus build-ups.
18. Studies of the energy balance in turbulent flow, as in Figs. 21.8 and 21.16, provide a straight forward example of this.
19. Life on this turbulent, complex planet is no longer linear and sequential, one thing logically leading to another.
20. The sea grew more turbulent and the waves began to break over the deck.
21. In such cases the interface between the turbulent and non-turbulent regions is sharp.
22. I had to have a boat that could handle turbulent seas.
23. Eventually, all the non-turbulent regions have been absorbed and the boundary layer is wholly turbulent.
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24. As the debate raged on for months after the election, the strain of the turbulent year began to show on Daley.
25. But over a substantial fraction of the wake width, turbulent and non-turbulent motion alternate.
26. Most specifically, Fig. 21.22 is an example of results for a turbulent flow as discussed above.
27. Otherwise a decreasing fraction of the flow would be turbulent, and, for example, self-preservation could not occur.
28. Positive Richardson number corresponds to a stabilizing density gradient; turbulent motion can not be sustained when Ri becomes large.
29. We would do well to ponder the anguish of those turbulent years.
30. The large eddies are the longest-lived features of a turbulent flow.
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