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Perturb in a sentence

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Synonym: agitatebotherdistressdisturbtroubleupsetSimilar words: perturbationaperturedisturbturbinedisturbingdisturbancedeparturetorturousMeaning: [pər'tɜrb /pə'tɜːb]  v. 1. disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed 2. disturb or interfere with the usual path of an electron or atom 3. cause a celestial body to deviate from a theoretically regular orbital motion, especially as a result of interposed or extraordinary gravitational pull 4. throw into great confusion or disorder. 
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1. Her sudden appearance did not seem to perturb him in the least.
2. My unexpected arrival didn't perturb him in the least.
3. The process didn't perturb him for the simple reason that it didn't repel Willie.
4. Stellar passings can perturb the orbits of comets.
5. Venus, Earth, and other planets also perturb Mercury's motion.
6. Very few events are able to perturb an increasingly globalised world.
7. Yet perturb critics say he feel failed to do his part to provide prevent the creasescrisis.
8. "Magma bodies perturb the gravity field, they change the state of stress in the rocks around them and they can change the system just by their presence," Ebinger told Discovery News.
9. And these greenhouse gases perturb the radiation balance of climate.
10. They could perturb the system slightly to see how it changed.
11. They perturb good social order with their lie and propaganda.
12. The methodology is operationalized in a macro which calls a separate program to perturb the input data without changing the topology.
13. He had a reputation for being a bit slow-witted but it didn't perturb him in the least.
14. The scheme has biggish innovations on power amplification, automatism rearrange, perturb resisting, signal attenuation preventing, real time video frequency signal surveillance etc.
15. Finally,( simulating experiment for the whole system is carried through with the stator flux-oriented vector strategy and control arithmetic of rotor speed perturb and power observation.
16. "This increased oxygen no doubt had major consequences for the evolution of complex life. It can be expected that modern changes will also strongly perturb evolution, " (Papineau) adds.
17. To verify our system, we must set up the application under test in the lab, perturb it with events, and detect when it fails to handle an event properly.
18. I've come up with an equally controversial expression to perturb your mind, "which comes first, the success or the happiness?"
19. Headache, fever, minor bruises and just simple difficulties and challenges in day to day life perturb us, sadden us.
20. "There are not many organisms that can get into the brain, stay there and specifically perturb your behavior, " House said.
21. "A lot of genes have been identified that when you perturb their function, you get increased life span, " Kaeberlein says.
22. They know by far this woman master indeed can't miss the chance to purchase a to send a, whatsoever, her grade namely so cheap, want to come to can't hide, either what perturb?
23. And when Kerr's PhD supervisor left the University of Cambridge with Kerr only half way through his thesis, it didn't perturb him.
24. His colleague Anatoly Kabaniets, sitting in the driver's seat, smiles when hearing this: "All this small stuff doesn't perturb us.
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