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Benevolent in a sentence

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Synonym: beneficentcharitableeleemosynaryfreeheartedgood-heartedkindlylarge-heartedopenheartedphilanthropicsympatheticSimilar words: violentevolvebenefitbeneathrevolvingevolutionbeneficialbenefit fromMeaning: [-nt]  adj. 1. intending or showing kindness 2. showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity 3. generous in providing aid to others 4. generous in assistance to the poor. 
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1, The company has proved to be a most benevolent employer.
2, He was a benevolent old man, he wouldn't hurt a fly.
3, He is always benevolent towards his countryman.
4, The clerk regarded him with benevolent amusement.
5, She believed in the existence of a benevolent power.
6, A benevolent uncle paid for her to have music lessons.
7, His benevolent nature prevented him from refusing any beggar who accosted him.
8, Primo de Rivera himself was a benevolent and sincere paternalist.
9, The boss smiled at us all like a benevolent uncle.
10, Instead of yelling, try a benevolent silence.
11, Their whole system of belief presupposes a benevolent God.
12, The benevolent powers offer no guarantees.
13, In view of the benevolent rule of the communes this might seem to have been retrograde step.
14, In his benevolent aspect he is the source of rain and hence petitioned to alleviate drought, and also to prevent meningitis.
15, A Benevolent Fund has been established and been able to help an increasing number of members facing hardship.
16, October brought a benevolent turn in the weather, and the grapes that survived September thrived.
17, Work / family programs are typically benevolent in intent but difficult to justify in business terms.
18, If you can imagine a benevolent and myopic stork in goggles and woolly hat, then you've just about got the picture.
19, Poole offered in return the benevolent strength and practicality which Coleridge was soon to value so greatly.
20, In a properly run business - a sufficiently benevolent dictatorship - they should be unnecessary.
21, He behaved as a benevolent autocrat, but was reluctant to delegate, suspicious, and secretive.
22, That notion is quite compatible with a certain residue of benevolent despotism exercised by Tory squires.
23, A glass bowl, enclosing her, with Jacob staring in - smiling, benevolent,[] disinterested.
24, A legion of policemen and border officials are required to preserve this happy feature of a benevolent nature.
25, Ramsey the Liberal politician had ideas of democracy which cut across this benevolent dictatorship.
26, From anger and animosity he turned in a split second to a benevolent caring brother only here to see justice done.
27, The faces around her suppliant, wary - she is in a benevolent lull, she measures out wit and wisdom.
28, Deep down inside, you see, I still believed that life was basically benevolent.
29, Catesby looked furious whilst Doctor Agrippa, eyes closed, arms folded, sat like some benevolent friar after a hearty meal.
30, Nothing could have been more natural than to deify this powerful and benevolent force.
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