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Perturbation in a sentence

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Sentence count:156Posted:2016-10-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: disruptiondisturbanceflusterupsetSimilar words: probationacculturationverbatimratificationexertionurbannationsuburbanMeaning: [‚pɜrtər'beɪʃn /‚pɜːtə-]  n. 1. an unhappy and worried mental state 2. (physics) a secondary influence on a system that causes it to deviate slightly 3. activity that is an intrusion or interruption 4. a disposition that is confused or nervous and upset 5. the act of causing disorder. 
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1. This message caused perturbation in the Middle East Headquarters.
2. But Atkins's introduction and chapters on operators, perturbation theory and group theory are enjoyable.
3. Perhaps the re-adoption of Augustus had triggered more perturbation and he feared to sleep.
4. I am also happy to say that the perturbation maneuver has been successfully completed.
5. Because of the perturbation, Mars experiences some torque.
6. Convergence rate of moments for stochastic perturbation gradient approximation.
7. Asymptotic Perturbation Theory. Higher - Order Effects.
8. The resulting formulae of the above perturbation operation are higher - order upwind and central PFV schemes.
9. The perturbation growth rate, critical wave number and critical Reynolds number are affected by thermal non - equilibrium effect .
10. In this paper, the approximate perturbation range of the state matrix of a linear time-invariant system is given, keeping the system controllability invariant.
11. The equations defining the zero - order perturbation simply govern the static solution.
12. With application of perturbation technique, a perturbation stochastic element-free Galerkin method (PSEFGM) in probabilistic structural analysis is constructed.
13. Thirdly, a dual-mode dual-band bandpass filter with rectangular-loop perturbation and stacked structure is presented.
14. With the time-dependent perturbation theory, the dynamics of a two-level system coupled to an Bose field is revisited.
15. An improved algorithm for zeroth order perturbation solution is presented.
16. In the strong field case the inter-electronic effects are treated as a perturbation.
17. Taking an external cavity laser diode(ECLD) as an example, calculations indicate that the perturbation analysis may become invalid under loss modulation.
18. The effect of rate of change for semimajor axis and inclination perturbation and drift of semimajor axis and inclination on the ground-track drift was analyzed.
19. The formula of the stationary state 1 th force perturbation energy is proved with Feynman - Hellman theorem.
20. By using the nonlinear programming theory, a optimal impulse satellite evasive trajectory planning model considering earth oblateness perturbation had been established.
21. The frequency stability, amplitude stability and harmonic content can be deduced from the second order perturbation solution of that equation.
22. To solve this problem, a new algorithm namely many-to-one matching decision algorithm based on correction of perturbation for matching measure matrix is proposed.
23. Classical and quantum oscillators of quartic anharmonicity are solved analytically up to the second power of(weak-coupling constant) by using the multiple-scale perturbation theory.
24. A class of nonlinear singularly perturbed elliptical problems with boundary perturbation are considered. The uniform valid of the constructed asymptotic expansion is proved.
25. In this paper, simple pendulum motion is studied by means of the series perturbation method.
26. The orbit variation in one day under the nonspherical perturbation is shown and the motion of the orbit...
27. The stability of a kind of missile guidance system is analyzed,(sentence dictionary) and the effect of perturbation of radome boresight error slope A on the stability is investigated.
28. In this paper, problems of bending of thin plates under the combined action of lateral loading and in-plane forces are studied by means of perturbation method.
29. At first, a necessary lemma is investigated, and thereby the absolute perturbation bounds is given.
30. The simulation results show that the simple and direct control can also reach rapid settling time without overshoot and steady-state error, and has satisfactory robust stability to model perturbation.
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