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Hence in a sentence

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Synonym: accordinglyawayconsequentlyelsewherefrom now onlaterthereforethusAntonym: agoSimilar words: fencecommencescienceessencesequencesentenceevidencereferenceMeaning: [hens]  adv. 1. (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result 2. from this place 3. from this time. 
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1. I fell off my bike yesterday hence the bruises.
2. The sports meet will be held three days hence.
3. His mother was Italian, hence his name - Luca.
4. It is very late; hence you must go to bed.
5. He worked in a garage?hence his nickname "Spanner".
6. We suspect they are trying to hide something, hence the need for an independent inquiry.
7. Hence, she is considered to share the blame.
8. It's handmade and hence expensive.
9. Hence, the blessing of bread on her feast day.
10. They reduce uncertainty and hence anxiety about the future.
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11. Hence the amount of Business Rate each local authority receives will bear no relation to the amount actually collected in each area.
12. Hence social contracts may bind, not all members of a society, but members of some group within society.
13. Hence, the commander had to beg, cajole, and browbeat authorities of three nations to get what he needed.
14. This would attract industry and commerce, and hence bring about the creation of jobs.
15. So an alternative explanation had to be found, hence the idea of Meehan and Griffiths as a follow-up team.
16. Hence the great caution shown by medical staff[], and the precautions taken during burial.
17. Hence it is called ideographic. in contradistinction from the phonographic or alphabetical system of writing.
18. Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive and widely effective mode of saying things, and hence its importance. 
19. The trade imbalance is likely to rise again in 1990. Hence a new set of policy actions will be required soon.
20. Mr Foster has never been to China. Consequently / Hence he knows very little about it.
21. You can customise the behavior of the Asynchronous Server and hence re - brand it by defining your own command set for ...
22. Peter's leaving at the end of this week - hence his anxiety to get his work finished.
23. The project will be completed at the end of the decade, two years hence.
24. The true consequences will only be known several years hence.
25. You can customize the behavior of the Asynchronous Server and hence re-brand it by defining your own command set for invoking services.
26. The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar and hence carries his name.
27. The gases that may be warming the planet will have their main effect many years hence.
28. The cost of transport is a major expense for an industry. Hence factory location is an important consideration.
29. You can customise the behavior of the Asynchronous Server and hence re-brand it by defining your own command set for invoking services.
30. However, A displays more curvature than B at that point, and hence more risk aversion.
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