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Symbolism in a sentence

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Similar words: symbolicsymbolnihilismjournalismmutualismfederalismpointillismcommensalismMeaning: ['sɪmbəlɪzm] n. 1. a system of symbols and symbolic representations 2. the practice of investing things with symbolic meaning 3. an artistic movement in the late 19th century that tried to express abstract or mystical ideas through the symbolic use of images. 
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1. The scene is so rich in symbolism that any explanation risks spoiling the effect.
2. Sound symbolism means that we can often guess the meaning of a word from its sound.
3. Christian churches are still full of pagan symbolism.
4. Religious symbolism is very characteristic of the paintings of this period.
5. Were you able to penetrate the author's symbolism?
6. The symbolism of every gesture will be of vital importance during the short state visit.
7. The symbolism was obvious, as the rebel leader removed bullets from his gun in front of hundreds of cameras.
8. I expect strangulation is full of old-fashioned symbolism.
9. There's less phallic symbolism in architecture than people might like to imagine.
10. Burne-Jones was obsessed with the symbolism of love, and hearts are a recurring theme ni his work.
11. Religious symbolism is preferred for each day.
12. The symbolism is complicated and relies on a great deal of background information.
13. The symbolism of weeping eczema seems obvious.
14. The second level, that of poetic or dream symbolism, is inherent in all folk-tales, traditions and motifs of regeneration.
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15. His work on dreams and symbolism has proved valuable in clinical work.
16. His action may prove a masterstroke of symbolism.
17. It is quite probable that religious symbolism was once exclusive to each particular faith.
18. Praise, symbolism, and token rewards will be used to reinforce results and behavior of value to the company.
19. This hymn is full of symbolism.
20. Their headquarters is rich in symbolism.
21. Irving's new novel contains too much heavy-handed symbolism.
22. The women sometimes seem dedicated to beauty and art, both for personal adornment and spiritual symbolism.
23. At least I got to know some of the background to the paintings; the symbolism and the profundity of meaning.
24. Intoxicated by his success and the enthusiasm of his adoring crowds, he cranked up his rhetoric and piled on the symbolism.
25. But human ingenuity and intelligence, plus what may amount to an instinct for symbolism, comes to the rescue.
26. Those who regard marriage as a religious sacrament may be concerned to convey the seriousness of the undertaking through symbolism and ritual.
27. Trade-union development did, however, impart a literary dimension for all its continued employment of ritual and symbolism.
28. A very obvious example can be found in colour symbolism itself.
29. Mysterious indigo with its connotations of protection was a substance and colour full of symbolism in the distant places of Arabia.
30. The phonetic sequences involved in either onomatopoeia or sound symbolism are clearly not to be considered semantic constituents.
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