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Mutualism in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2016-08-06Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: mutualjournalismnationalismritualactualvirtualactuallyvirtuallyMeaning: ['mjuːtjʊəlɪzm]  n. the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other. 
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1) The exchange exemplifies a perfect mutualism.
2) The principles of mutualism is rare in modern architecture, but it can tackle unsexy problems like efficiency and cost.
3) The fig - pollinator mutualism system is maintained by the reproductive relationships.
4) The mutualism promotes the metabolism of Saccheromyces cerevisiae and its - index number of producing gas.
5) There exist competition, predation mutualism and synergism among acidophilic microorganisms. The study on these interactions is very important to understand bioleaching process.
6) In this paper, a two - species mutualism model system is discussed.
7) The concept of mutualism effect of hybrid control is proposed based on the biologic symbiosis.
8) Using the symbiosis theory in biology, we divide financing symbiosis relationships into two types, commensalism and mutualism, and analyze the formation mechanism of these relationships.
9) Related to bond polarity, formal charges on atoms, chain reaction theory and the comparison of solid monopropellant combustion and modeling, the "linkage mutualism"mechanism was proposed.
10) The key interspecific interactions are competition, predation, parasitism and mutualism, whilst the main intraspecific interactions are competition, cannibalism and altruism.
11) The aim of effectively promoting the production of nisin is achieved by the mutualism of the two bacteria.
12) In contrast with results from the non - cooperative dynamic game, mutualism could perform better under coordination.
13) Figs (Ficus spp. , Moraceae) and their pollinating fig wasps (Hymenoptera,( Agaonidae) are a classic example of an obligate plant-pollinator mutualism.
14) " Coadjutant net of 001 whole worlds " also say " marriage kind mutualism altar of emigrant United States " .
15) The symbiosis behavior mode of enterprise and farmer household include commensalism, dissymmetry mutualism and symmetry mutualism.
16) There are multiplicity of stable states in herbage populations owing to the influences of intraspecific mutualism, feeding rate and density of herbivores.
17) The main types of the coordination in the family business CAS mainly include the following: Commensalism , Amensalism, Mutualism, Competition, Predation, and Adaptation etc.
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