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Pallid in a sentence

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Synonym: palesickwanSimilar words: collideappallinglidvalidsolidslideglidepalMeaning: ['pælɪd]  adj. 1. abnormally deficient in color as suggesting physical or emotional distress 2. (of light) lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble 3. lacking in vitality or interest or effectiveness. 
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1) Next to his tanned face, hers seemed pallid and unhealthy.
2) You look a bit pallid do you feel all right?
3) This is a pallid production of what should be a great ballet.
4) Kitty, her heroine, is dumpy, spotty, pallid and downtrodden.
5) Paul looked pallid and sick.
6) Reaching out he gently touched her pallid face.
7) She had a pallid look.
8) Her feelings for him had been a pallid thing beside what she now felt for Fen.
9) The sky has colored pallid blue straight above, like some wax paper sea.
10) Lilian Arkwright grew up into a pallid, spiritless child; there was nothing notable about her except her curious teeth.
11) Women with pallid faces flitted bareheaded through the streets searching for their dead or wounded.
12) He was neither pallid nor flabby,[] prison had not marked him in the ways she expected.
13) Pallid and balding, Vladimiro Montesinos, 56, was Fujimori's intelligence chief and right-hand man.
14) Rather smaller and darker than Swift and Pallid Swift, differing especially in its dark throat and faster flight.
15) He looked as mean as ever, a pallid, unsmiling figure in black-suede jacket and very shiny black shoes.
16) And Sylvie's pallid face and lustreless eyes as she said goodbye to her daughter stayed imprinted on her memory.
17) Her eyes were puffy and pinkish and her pallid skin gleamed with sweat.
18) Their condition ranged from pallid shock to profane defiance.
19) Haunted by vain regrets, and pallid, sorrowful faces.
20) At its best, it makes standard English seem pallid.
21) Some excerpts from a Renaissance mass are spatchcocked into Gluck's pallid Don Juan music.
22) Around it are wide wastes, wan and cold, and meadows of asphodel, presumably strange, pallid, ghostly flowers.
23) This led the government to intervene with some rather pallid legal weapons.
24) Her short red hair was crudely shaped in a wedge and her pallid cheeks and small chin were peppered with unsightly acne.
25) They were stained with her blood and with the pallid cream of Stephen's semen.
26) The mist coiled and broke round the movement, and its pallid drift reflected, briefly, the starlight.
27) They are a group of impeccably-mannered, youngish tykes with alarmingly pallid complexions and lazy, floppy brown locks to a man.
28) You could actually use purple, alizarin crimson, you see incredibly pallid complexions with red bits.
29) Her hair needs a wash, skin shines on nose, bones and muscles lie beneath pallid skin.
30) Records get knocked out in the studio hastily, emerge knock-kneed, spindly, pallid and monochrome.
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