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Glide in a sentence

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Synonym: coastcruiseflowflysailskimslidesweepSimilar words: slidecollideslide intoside by sidelidglibsolidvalidMeaning: [glaɪd]  n. 1. a vowellike sound that serves as a consonant 2. the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it 3. the activity of flying a glider. v. 1. move smoothly and effortlessly 2. fly in or as if in a glider plane 3. cause to move or pass silently, smoothly, or imperceptibly. 
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(1) Waiters glide between tightly packed tables bearing trays of pasta.
(2) The plane managed to glide down to the runway.
(3) Kennedy seemed to glide through life.
(4) Unlike other spacecraft, the shuttle can glide back through the atmosphere, land safely, and be reused.
(5) Some people glide effortlessly through life with no real worries.
(6) The pilot managed to glide down to a safe landing.
(7) Elisabeth watched a snake glide venomously across her path.
(8) Briefly then, he let himself glide away.
(9) How he was carried forward by the glide.
(10) Three stingrays glide past like abandoned white pocket handkerchiefs.
(11) To slip or glide along. 3.
(12) Converse was commencing another glide when Smitty went berserk.
(13) Partly it was Vinny,( partly the glide.
(14) She seemed to glide on her little satin-shod feet.
(15) In this short glide you maneuvered the machine to any clearing in range.
(16) Corrections to maintain the glide path are made with attitude changes of a quarter to half a bar.
(17) We glide along a glassy-smooth stretch of water, listening to the steadily increasing roar of Hance Rapid.
(18) Sometimes the hawk will begin to circle or glide and a smaller bird will fly directly beneath him.
(19) Your skis should glide naturally as you move across the snow.
(20) Of course[sentence dictionary], some new parents glide through without a hitch.
(21) Having mated, grey clouds of females glide to the water, lay their eggs, and die.
(22) On the inside, Annie Taylor felt the barrel glide away until it reached the suction of the rapids.
(23) And aerobically fit skaters slash and glide along groomed tracks.
(24) The townsfolk glide around on recently mopped floors with a strange light in their eyes.
(25) See them nose the long coastline in a glide of perfected instinct.
(26) So graceful was the ballerina that she just seemed to glide.
(27) Only fifty yards further upstream I find a smooth glide along my own bank that looks as though it should hold a few chub.
(28) The only one who might come out on moonlit nights and glide around, unsettled, is Rose, wanting some attention.
(29) Ruts and bumps don't present any problems and the Pirelli Dragons just glide over them.
(30) Black silhouettes move out of the darkness and change into blunt torpedoes, dark and slow-moving as they glide over the sandy bottom.
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